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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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It is Well with My Soul

 120588-620-010hWe have felt pain.

We have feared loss.

We have prayed.

We have cried.

We have pleaded.

We have questioned.

We embraced what was given.

We have praised.

We are blessed, beyond measure.

We are loved.

October 19th, we ran a half marathon.  Just six weeks after Clay had finished his last cancer treatment.  Ellen and I had trained for this run all summer.  We would meet late at night after I knew Clay was asleep and unlikely to need me.  We would run, talk, cry, and maybe reward ourselves with an iced coffee.  Running became therapeutic for us as we watched Clay become weaker and sicker from the treatments.  We were very focused on running and it became something we needed to do.  Just run from it, flee, get away from what was happening.  Run!  Run!  Run!

I never wanted to say he wasn’t going to run with us, but deep down I never thought he would be able to.  His doctors weren’t optimistic that he would be able to run. They told him he needed several months to recover.  He probably wouldn’t have the strength to run.

We logged at least four runs a week, increasing our miles and speed.  There was no way Clay would be able to do this.  The longest run he’d ever completed in the training plan was four miles.  Believe me, there is a big difference between four miles and thirteen miles.  There is a big difference between four miles and five miles!  It’s all miles!!!

Guess what?


He did it.  He didn’t run all 13.1 miles, but he finished.  By mile 10 he was starting to feel the pain and by mile 12 he needed Ellen and I to support him as his knee began to fail.  Together we crossed the finish line.  He did it!

On race day I found myself no longer running from something, but running for someone.  I never thought I would feel such joy watching my husband put one foot in front of the other, running!  Thank God, he was running!


Thank you for praying for our sweet Clay.  Thank you for the kindness you all have shown my family.  Thank you for emailing me and leaving comments to let me know you were thinking of us and praying for us.  Thank you all for showing this goofy Kansas family that love and kindness is alive and well in this world.  It is well with my soul.

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