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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Looky! It’s ME!

Helllllooooooo.  I sort of feel like I could strip naked and walk around in this blog without disturbing a sole, because I’m pretty sure the place has been vacated.

I’m still without a computer.  It’s sucks and at the same time, I don’t really have time to be indignant about it.  However, it is putting some major stress on my camera.  That poor thing needs to unload its contents….or I could get another memory card, but that would mean going to the store and buying one and that’s just not gonna happen.

I’m neck-deep in planning graduation stuff for Ellen.  It’s not overwhelming it’s just that I don’t really know what I’m doing.  I’m making her announcements and the wording seems all funky.  I’ve looked up examples and I still think they all sound weird.  Then there’s the baccalaureate stuff and the open house that the senior parents are hosting and the photos that I need to get together for her slide show, I seem to be missing photos of her from 6th grade through 9th grade and I don’t have many from her toddler years.  I also have to make a memory board and a hurkin’ lot of food and plan a party at our house.  Oh, and Seth is in a play the same week that I’m supposed to be doing something for, but I’m not sure what.  Did I mention we’re trying to talk to a college coach about high jumping in the off-chance that Ellen might be able to join the team?  So, Clay and I are coaching her as best we can, with Clay going to practice and me attending most of the meets.  Clay and I have been calling Ellen’s senior year The Giant Time Suck.  And just in case you forgot, because sometimes I do, there are two small boys in the house that just started boy scouting.  Lord, help the parent that signed them up for that……because he’s exhausted and his wife refuses to hep with the whole scouting business with the exception of hosting a pack meeting and making two cakes, but that’s it, no more help, I mean it, my answer is……maybe I can help you, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be happy about it, but really I mean NO when I say yes.

I would love to brag about all the kids’ accomplishments this year, but ya know…without photos, meh.

In fact here is a photo I found on Clay’s computer, you know, the only computer I can use to blog on these days?   He’s on the roof of a building probably taking measurements for something that needs to be torn down and redesigned or something very architectury….architechtey…archy techy, whatever, he’s doing something on top of a building and he has about 50 more photos of this roof.

How exciting is that?!

Okay, what else?

Maybe I should list things real quick, because who knows when I’ll post again?  And we all know how much I love a list.

1. Seth turned 16.  He’s now a wee bit over 6’3 and he can’t drive without an adult in the car until he’s 17.  I love Kansas, but these new restrictions on ages are killing my boys’ chances of getting a job that doesn’t rely on his mother’s schedule.

2. I did a huglekulture in our back yard.   Google it.  It’s cool.  Except I haven’t planted anything on it yet.  So, basically I just have two mounds of dirt and sticks in my back yard.

3. I cried my eyeballs out at Ellen’s last basketball game and it wasn’t because they lost.  It was because it was her last basketball game…ever.

4. Also, KU lost.  And my town wept, but only after it partied its way to the Final Four and the Championship Game.

5. I think we’re going to foster train some Dexter calves.  More on that if it happens.  And by that I mean, a fence has to happen.

6. Our mower died, which is why we might foster train some cows.

7. Getting a new mower would probably be easier than cows.

8. We never do things the easy way.

9. Speaking of easy, Clay tried to install can lights in our dining room.

10. I say try because now there are two holes in Ellen’s floor and only one of the three lights he installed works.

11.  What we thought would be an easy project has, of course, turned into a bit of a nightmare.

12.  We now have to repair the ceiling in the dining room and the holes in Ellen’s floor.

13. I probably won’t get around to doing either of those things until I’m done painting the bathroom.

14. I ripped out all the wallpaper from our bathroom over Christmas.

15. I started painting the bathroom over Spring Break.

16. Maybe over July 4th I’ll get it finished.

17. Did I mention we’re having a big party here for Ellen’s graduation?

18. Did I say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the whole graduation thing?

19 That was a stupid thing to say.

20. A very stupid thing indeed.


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