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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Checking In and Out

Hey! I’m alive!!  I lived through juicing.

Okay, I’m real-real (that’s our new saying around the house, “real-real”), I’m real-real sorry I’ve been absent.  I actually wrote a St. Louis post, hit publish and WordPress had logged me OUT!  Oh, the agony.  I can’t bring myself to write it again, but I’ll try.

Here’s a quick update from Coal Creek Farm…you know how I love doing the list thing.

1. 19 years ago today I got myself hitched to an auburn haired architect.  It was a real-real nice day. I highly recommend finding yourself someone that you like and doing the same.

2. I like that architect more today than I did 19 years ago and I think he might still like me a tiny bit.

3. I did ask for a divorce from sharing a suitcase with him, it was time.  We always share a suitcase and I no longer want to share, I want my own suitcase.  He’s not taking it well.  We might need to go to a suitcase counselor to work out the separation.

4. We spent the night in the same hotel in which we spent our wedding night, it was real-real fun.

5. Four days ago my best friend from high school, Carmen, called and together we convinced each other to go to our 23rd reunion.

6. I spent 48 hours talking non-stop.

7. My throat is sore and my voice is raspy.

8. We met up with old classmates and had a great time.

9. I stayed with Carmen’s parents, it was just like old times: giggling until 4am, sharing the bathroom to get ready, answering all the questions her mom asked.  I loved it.

10. I’ve decided that I was in fact the tallest woman anywhere to be seen in western Kansas.

11. Why are there so many tiny people in Goodland, Kansas?  I didn’t have Clay beside me to make me feel normal, it was real-real awkward bending over to talk to all of them.

12. I was real-real shocked by the people that announced they read my blog.  Hi John, Hi Rhonda, Hi Darla, Hi Gee-Gee, Hi Dawn, Hi Carrie….now I can’t write stories about you.  Well, at least not until you die.

13. I liked every single person I talked to.  Funny how after decades pass all those teenagers turned into real-real fine folk.  I think they are all more beautiful today than they were twenty years ago.

14. One of my real-real good friends here was college buddies with one of my classmates.  I managed to get their contact information to each other and now they can reconnect after losing touch nearly 17 years ago.  I’m a people finder.  I should charge them a finder’s fee.  Dax, Carl, I will send you a bill.

15. Juicing was AWESOME.  When I start blogging regularly again (hahahahahaha- oh, I FUNNY LADY, blog regularly, BAH!) I might tell you all about it.  How do you like my level of commitment?

16. Couponing is going well.  Who needs a razor?  Shampoo?  Toothpaste?…I gotcha covered.

17. Two of our hogs will be loaded and turned into bacon next week.  The loading part should be highly entertaining and muddy.  Preacher will be out of his mind crazy that day because he doesn’t like to say goodbye to the pigs.

18. My oldest son is now 6’2″ tall and growing.  You can probably imagine how happy this makes me.  I look small standing next to him.  Again…the giddiness.

19. That’s it for now.  I’m so sleep deprived.  Instead of telling me how lovely I was last night, Clay kept saying, “Hon, you look tired.”  I’m too old to party two nights in a row and live on 2 hours of sleep.

~April out.

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