The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Santa is a big man.

Santa paused for a moment to ask Clay where he got those long jeans.


Christmas Countdown

Have you hugged a Christmas tree today?


If you did, were you wearing your dad’s giant gloves?

People amaze me, all the time.

I am constantly amazed by people.  Take for instance the women who are married to men who travel for a living.


Clay has been traveling quite a bit lately.  I’ve been able to turn on my turbo boosters when he’s gone.  I actually get more done without him here. But, by the time he gets home I am D.O.N.E.  It would be ideal if he would walk in and say, “Okay, Honey your turn.  Have fun at that spa.”  Bah-ha-ha!  So, I pretend that the grocery store is Hawaii and I buy a couple of cans of sliced pineapple.

Seriously, you ladies that single parent for days on end or any of you single parents out there, God bless you and your ability to not kill your offspring.

I am for certain one of those women that has a better half, he is far better than me at almost everything.  Except cooking.  If something happens to me, well, how long does it take for a person to starve to death?

And what about those people who exercise every day?  That is amazing to me.  I hate exercising.  With all my heart, I hate it.  But, my goodness, I think the people who dedicate their time and energy to pushing their body to do what it really doesn’t want to do, that’s amazing.

You know what else is amazing?  English toffee.  If someone would send me a tin from London, I would run a mile to get it.  Yes, I would.  In fact I would run two miles.  Three is pushing it, but still, I would run for toffee.  I think that’s an idea, I will run for candy.  That’s my new platform.  I will call it, “People that eat toffee and run are AMAZING!”  and then I’ll feel a lot better about myself and the imaginary tropical vacations I take.