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I need your help.

It’s school auction time.

I have a goal of how much I want to raise for my children’s school this year. I’m falling a bit short. So how about you all give me some clever ideas of who, what or how I can do something for the school. You know I do everything you tell me.

The auction is in November. So far, I’ve donated some pork, commandeered a baker for six loaves of yummy bread to accompany some of my preserves, asked a local winery to host two wine tasting events that I will make food for and the winery is also hosting a group of people for a morning of harvesting grapes which includes breakfast and lunch and I’ve asked a friend if she’ll bake her awesome cinnamon rolls.

What else? Would you pay to have a kids party in the country with hot dogs roasted on an open fire? Maybe throw in some country fun like hiding little toys in a big tub of grain, gunny sack races…….um, um, um, that’s all I’ve got. Why can’t I think of something else to do with a group of little kids? Oh, right because I usually just say, “GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!” I don’t think anyone would pay money to hear me say that to their kid.

Tell me what you would want to see at an auction. Tell me the best fundraiser you’ve ever seen. I don’t have much time and I should have asked you all months ago, but this is how I roll, I’m good under pressure. Let’s hear it, whatcha got for me?

slow on the uptake

Hey, Readers.

I added the little followers thingy over there on the right. That’s pretty neat, huh? If you want to add your link to the followers thing, I’ll update it. I like that a lot better than the blogroll. I’m not sure if you have to have blogger for that or not, because, uh, I’m a bit slow on the learnin’ the blog techno-schmecno stuff.
***edited to add*** I think you have to click on the button over there and add yourself…I think, this is all new to me.
I have a couple of things I need to admit to you all.

1. I check all your blogs when you leave a comment, but I am a terrible commenter. I’m sorry, I just am. Mostly because I get nervous about what I’m saying. I KNOW! I have no problem here in my own little piece of blogosphere. What can I say? I’m like that in real life too. I’m much more comfortable at home than in somebody’s house. It takes a while for the real April to come out.

2. Because I check all your blogs, I have been startled more than once. It’s the music. I’ll click on a very nice link, the blog comes up, I start reading and then WHAT THE HECK!!! Some music blasts out of my computer and scares the bajeezus out of me. It’s not that I don’t like the music, it’s just that I’m totally not expecting any sound to come out of my computer unless I’m watching videos. The other day I went to a blog, and dadgum I can’t remember what it was, but I loved her music selections so much that I carried my laptop to the kitchen and kept reloading the page so I could listen to the music over and over and over while I cleaned. I don’t know if there is an option to shut off the music or not, but my heart can’t take much more. Please inform me if I’m doing something wrong and don’t take the music off your blogs, especially if your the one lady that I liked so much. I will find you again and listen to you music.

Okay, meeting adjourned.

Reader Love

Faithful Readers and Anonymous Commenters and Accidental Clickers,

It’s time again to give you an opportunity to speak up. See my linkage over to the right? Do you feel the need to be on that list? Do you?

I’m terrible at updating this little spot of my life. This blogaroom is untidy and outmoded. I don’t see myself doing much to it, besides adding some new links, so please, tell me if you feel the need to be here. I’ll gladly add you, unless you are a slimy weirdo.

Also, MuddyMama (she is so dang cute) and Carol @ I throw like a girl (love that tag, by the way) and one other person, that I can’t remember (please remind me if you can) tagged me. I’m openly admitting that I love to be tagged, but I’m never going to get them done, nope, not gonna. I know one tag was the ‘6 quirky things about me’ and I’ve done a couple of those, but as you probably are aware, there are enough quirky-whack a mole things about me to choke out the human race. I will let those things unfold slowly with time so as not to shock you.

*****EDITED TO ADD*****  Sweet DAHLING CYNTHIA was the other wonderful blogger that tagged me.  Please forgive me Cynthia, it’s me, not you, I have the problem, it’s called no memory.  

In other news…. Guess who’s coming to town tonight? My bestest childhood friend, CARMEN!!!! I haven’t seen her since we moved back, I’m so excited! She told me she hasn’t been able to read my blog because the server at her office blocked it. Apparently, she would read Rechelle’s blog and mine over lunch, but the server thought she was doing something inappropriate and locked her out. Poor girl, her lunch hour must be so lonely now. I’ll take some crappy photos to post of our evening together.

That’s it. That’s all I have. Oh wait, one more thing.

Old griddle

New griddle!!!!  Wow!  It looks great!  And it cooks so much better!  
Thank you Kathy!
Kathy, because of your sweetness, my friend ‘Miss Notesy’ wants to make you a set of her adorable hand made cards.  Please go over and pick out a set.  She’s expecting you!

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