The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Chicken Doctor


The Architect


Pee Knees


Last Saturday we loaded up the kids and headed down the road to a farm that I love to visit.  They sell farm fresh chickens and turkeys.  You can pick sweet corn and blueberries in the summer.  But, right now you can go pick strawberries.  I was so excited to come home with heaping mounds of red luscious berries.  I was going to make pies and jams and stuff them in my mouth and throw them on salads.  Ooooh, I love strawberries!


Dad GUM IT!!!  You can imagine how irked I was to see that Picked Out Today sign.  Mostly because I was too late to pick strawberries and blueberries last year and I thought this year I was on top of my picking game.  DAD GUM!!


Guess where we went instead?  Can you smell them?  Do you love them?  Do you want to marry them?  Do you want to stick one behind your ear and then scream because a million ants are now crawling all over your face and into your ear drum?

And one more question.

Do you say Pee Oh Knee or Pee Ah Knee?

This post has nothing to do with pee or knees.  Thank you, I’ll be here all week.  I LOVE YOU, GOODNIGHT!!!!!

A Very Crunchy Moment

Do you know how to exercise, help the environment, get your teenager to practice driving and make a tiny bit of cash all at the same time? Huh, huh? Do ya?

I do.

You clean out your barn and load up all the metals that are laying around like twisted fences, odd poles, screens, broken basketball goals and so on and so forth and then you jump in the truck with all your kids and head to the recycling place. Then on the way you see lots and lots of cans that people have thrown in the ditches.

This bothers you on many levels.

You make your oldest two kids get out and walk along the ditches retrieving the cans and tossing them in the truck while you drive very slowly with them. Then you think what a great way to get some exercise.

So you pull over and make your daughter drive while you walk the ditches.

You do this on your way into town and the kids are hot and sweaty and so are you. You earn $17 for your metals and go spend it on corn dogs and milkshakes.

Then you go home a different way and make the kids walk the ditches again collecting more and more and more cans.

You may not get wealthy, but you will feel better about yourself and the road you live on.


Let’s rewind back to Friday, which seems like a decade ago.  
Carmen, my best childhood friend,  came for a visit.  I’d planned on going to eat somewhere girly, especially after I heard her order her lunch while talking to her via the phone, “Hold on April, I need to order my taco….uh, yeah, I’ll take a Nacho Bell Grande…”  So her appetite for junk food has not changed.  Needless to say, I was still a little surprised when she suggested Mexican again for dinner.
She was the teenager that would raid our pantry and drink all the old orange soda and eat all the stale bags of chips.  I don’t think I ever saw her turn down food.  I don’t think I ever saw her gain weight.  She is still skinny and eats like a fat man.
It was bitterly cold and windy when we stepped out for the night, so we went to the first warm spot we found downtown.  It was a barbie Q joint.  We drank beer and ate bbq, we are such ladies. 

She wasn’t too excited that I kept snapping photos of her.  I insisted it was for the blogger good, but ever since she’s been denied access to my blog, well, she doesn’t really understand my need to tell the world all the stupid details of my life.

After we ate we went to the local Christian bookstore/coffeehouse/art gallery.  It’s a hoppin’ spot.
Hey, St. Louisans!  That’s Ryan Mayo (son of N. Mayo from CPC) on the guitar…he goes to my church.  The gal sitting on the stool is Jill Koch.
Carmen and art from Kansas.  

This painting of a burning field takes my breath away.  It’s hot.

Who doesn’t love some Indian stabbing bison sculpture?  Huh?  It’s incredible.
Okay, that’s all I’ve got.  I’m trying very hard to pretend I’m not coming down with the flu because Clay has reservations for us to go out tonight and I really want to go out to eat with my sweetheart…..almost as much as I want to crawl into my bed and not move for a few days.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to finish this post for days and this is the best I can do, so take it or stick it, either way.
Now, go say you love your honey’s  and give them lots of hugs and kisses.