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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Share and Tell

I loved show and tell as a kid.  When I was in Kindergarten I asked my mom to bring my dog, Thunder, for show and tell.  Thunder was a black Standard Poodle.  Mom had him groomed before his classroom debut so he would look his best.  He was clipped in the traditional poodle cut, had his toenails painted bright blue and a tiny blue bow rubber-banded to a bit of his curly top-knotch.  I’m sure he was completely humiliated, but I thought he was the King of Canines when he walked through the door.  I paraded him around the class to the oooh’s and ah’s of my little classmates.  He was in my life until I was a sophomore in college and then he passed away and my parents buried him under the silver olive tree in their front yard.

RIP Count Bishop’s Thunder

Okay, now to share and tell what the heck I’ve been doing, which obviously hasn’t been blogging.

1. Clay, Seth and I started training to run a 5k using the Couch-to-5K method.  We’re on week 5 and I think I’m finally over the hump of dreading it.  In fact I’m going to go run today with Clay even though this is my day off because yesterday I tried to run up a hill and it totally kicked my butt, so today I’m determined to get up that dadgum hill.  If you hate exercise as much as I do and hate running even more, this program is pretty awesome.  When we started I could finish the running parts, but could hardly breathe.  I’m up to running 1/2 mile intervals now and breathing is not a problem.  Yesterday was the first time I wasn’t able to finish one of the intervals because I was going up a hill, and it really ticked me off.  So, today….that hill is mine.

2. We are on the last day of another drought week.  My freezer, fridge and pantry are so empty that I’m going to clean them out today.  That’s another bonus of a drought week,  empty spaces are much easier to scrub.

3. Homeschooling is going so much better this year.  I’d like to share some resources I’ve found that work really well with my right-brained kiddos.  If you have any resources to share I would love to know what you use and I’d love to hear any feedback if you’ve used some of these.

Star Fall, Learn to Read- Great for early readers.  FREE website with lots of games and interactive short stories.

Dianne Craft– I would like to order her flashcards.  If anyone is using her curriculum I’d love to get your feedback.  We already do a lot of the things she speaks about, like eye tracking and brain integration exercises.  I think my boys would love her math flash cards.

Life of Fred– My friend Katie suggested these to me last year and my boys LOVE them.  They are weird little books about a funny 5-year-old that’s a genius mathematician.  If your kids love to read, they will love them, if they hate to read they will love YOU to read them.  They are fun, funny, goofy and just the ticket to make reading and math more enjoyable.

And that’s it from here.  I know I haven’t shared photos for a while, I’m so out of the habit of toting my camera around with me.  I’ve put a few photos up on the Facebook page, so check those out if you want to keep up with the pigs, cats, Preacher and Phillips family until I can get around to taking some photos and loading them on here.  It’s so much easier to snap a photo with my phone and load to Facebook, I wish I could do that with a blog post.  Can I?  Maybe it’s possible and I haven’t realized it.

Oh wait, here is a photo of me sneering with my crooked bangs.

I cut my bangs, they are crooked. I took this with my phone while I sat waiting for my son to finish a musical rehearsal in Kansas City. I was bored, I had to wait 2 hours that day. I need to learn how to knit because I finished all the little projects I had brought with me and then it was just me and the phone.



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