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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Day one of Juicing

Dear God, help me.  I made coffee to serve to a friend this morning, but I couldn’t drink any of it.  Shouldn’t coffee be considered a fruit or vegetable?  I think so.

I started testing juices a few days ago and already I’ve noticed a difference in my skin.  I did just buy a thermal scrub and new moisturizer, so the softer, clearer skin might be because of that too.

I’m doing the Reboot Standard Program and I’m using a Green Star Juicer that a friend has let me borrow as long as I teach her how it works.

I know, I know you all still want to hear about St. Louis, but my camera is still waaaaaay over there on the kitchen counter and let’s no forget it took me two months to write about my big birthday saga.  I’m thinking I’ll get around to writing about the meet up in, oh…four to five years.

Okay, off to drink some kale and pineapple…CHEERS!

Wait!  That reminds me of this story.  We went as a family to purchase produce from our local mercantile, as we pulled in Ellen, who is not at all excited about juicing,  asked, “What are you buying here?”  I replied, “Kale.”  and she said, “Well if Kale isn’t a hot cowboy then I don’t want it!”   Which caused her father and I to crack up because that is so NOT something Ellen would ever say.  Apparently, there was a cowboy at the camp she attended this summer that was rather cute and voted the “Hot Guy” by all the campers and his name was Kale, but I’m thinking it was spelled Cale.  Either way, Ellen is not impressed with the green leafy version and I don’t think I’ll be attempting to juice hot cowboys anytime soon.


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