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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Never Name a Barn Cat

Four years ago we drove a U-Haul into the driveway of Coal Creek Farm to start our lives on this little farm.  Sitting on the back porch step ready to welcome us were three kittens.  I thought I would take them to the Human Society because we already had two cats and certainly didn’t need three more.  But, I have four children and before I had time to say, “Find the cat carrier!” they had scooped up the kitties, fed them some treats and the worst part….they named them.  So, we welcomed Tiger, Ashes and Sophia into our family.

Those three kitties lived happily in the barn and have kept us supplied with barn cats, which I now realize are essential to having a rodent-free house and barn.

Personally, I like the barn cats that slink around the barn and hide when they see me.  They hunt at night and sleep during the day. I hardly know they exist.  However, we have one barn cat that lives on my porch and tears up my wicker furniture.  She is very needy for human interaction and is completely useless as a mouser.  Guess who had the kittens this year?  Yep, Miss Needy.  And her kittens are just as friendly as she is.  So now I have three cats that really want to be house cats and sit on a lap all day.  These are the cats that should go live somewhere else.  Except, my children….they named them.

This is Cuter the kitten.  I used to think it was a stupid name. It makes more sense when you know that the17yo  girl in my house named him, right?  Now, I call him Cuter without thinking twice.

“Who’s the Cuter Kitty?  You’re the Cuter Kitty!”



“I just love you so much, you little Cuter kitty,kitty, kitty.”

“Cuter, Cuter, Cuter!  You are my sweet baby kitty cat!”


If you think this is bad, you should see my giant 15yo son talk to Cuter.  It goes a bit like this when he sees him, “Oh! There’s Cuter!  Hi Cuter Kitty.  How’s the Cuter today?  Come here little Cuter.  Do you need some love, sweet little fella.  Ahhh, Cuter, Cuter, Cuter. You’re such a cute little Cuter, yes you are.  Sweet kitty.  Cuter, Cuter, Cuter ”  And now you know why I have completely useless barn cats.  Never ever, ever, not, no, don’t , cant’ shouldn’t ever name a BARN CAT!

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