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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Easy to Locate in a Crowd

I was never a small child. I stood half a head taller than my tallest classmates. I also had freakishly white-blond hair. My mother could always spot me in a crowd even when I was trying to hide from her.

One time at band camp…no I’m just kidding (anyone that hasn’t seen American Pie has no idea what I’m talking about here).  Anyway!  One time, when I had just started driving, but wasn’t old enough to be driving, I decided I could disguise myself by pulling down the visor.  Magically, that would make everyone assume I was my sister, who was old enough to drive.  I sort of forgot that my sister had dark hair and I had blazin’-freaky white hair.  I didn’t fool anyone, everyone spotted me right away.  I didn’t get in trouble for “borrowing” the car THAT time. I might of had a problem with taking the family vehicles and driving them around when I wasn’t supposed to, just sayin’.  It was a small town and I was bored, okay?! I could have been doing drugs or drinking, but my fascination was with driving.

Okay, back to being really tall as a kid and sticking out like a throbbing zit on the end of a large nose.

It seems my boys are starting to get a reputation as being a wee bit tall and also, not tiny.  Not that they’ve ever been tiny or short, but lately, they are shooting up like fireworks on the fourth of Jue-lie!

Clay did a little height calculator on our boys to guesstimate how tall they will be.  From oldest son to youngest the estimations were: 6’5″, 6’9″ and 6’7″.  Lord, seriously?  We will need to move into a larger house.  Now, I don’t know how far off those guesses will be, but I’m certain all the boys will surpass six feet without a problem.  Our oldest is about 6’2″ right now and he is just two months past his 15th birthday. He hears, “SETH!  I can’t believe how tall you have gotten!”  pretty much on a daily basis.

I’m thrilled that my boys will tower over me and make me look not quite so freakishly large in comparison to them.

So, can you pick out the Phillips boy in this class?  He’s taller than all the 1st graders and most of the 2nd graders…he’s in Kindergarten.


And how about the Phillips boy in this class?  He’s the tallest in his 3rd grade class and he’s taller than all the 4th graders and I suspect he might be taller than some of the 5th and 6th graders.

My boys are not hard to find in a crowd of their peers.  I don’t see that changing…well, ever.

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