The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Pig Kisses

This is Rosalie giving Preacher a big kiss.  Preacher LOVES the pigs, loves them. I’m pretty sure he thinks we brought them home just for his enjoyment.

I’ll share more photos later, but right now I have to run to school because my daughter forgot her lunch and my son forgot all his homework…like all of it…it’s spread out in two rooms, his backpack has to be empty and I can’t even start talking about all the sport uniforms that are still popping up in their rooms and the laundry.  Thank God, Jesus, Joseph, Mary and Aunt Dandy this is the last week of school!

Huck Finn

My two oldest children recently participated in a production of Huckleberry Finn.  Seth played the part of Tom Sawyer. In this scene he’s telling his buddies the rules of the Tom Sawyer’s Gang.

I rehearsed lines with both my kids for their performance, but Seth refused to act out his scenes for me.  I would yell at him, “You have to act it!  You can’t just spout your lines!!!  Act!! ACT!!!!”  He would quietly, yet slightly irritatedly reply, “Mom.  I just want to say the lines.  I’ll act it later.”  Repeat that conversation about twenty times and you have a pretty good idea of how our evening would go every time we practiced for the play.

I think you can tell from these photos that he had no problem acting his part.  Next time I’ll just shut up and let him memorize his dadgum lines. He had me laughing so hard I was crying.


There weren’t enough kids to play all the parts, so some of the kids had multiple parts.  Ellen played four different characters. In this scene she’s Aunt Sally, it was one of  my favorite scenes.  It was really sweet to see my two kids acting on stage together.

Here’s another scene with Ellen as…uh…another old lady, but I can’t remember her name.  She also played a man and an angry lady chewing tobacco and throwing a shoe.  That girl is versatile to say the least.

This is when Tom gets shot and Aunt Sally is there to take care of him. Huck Finn was played by one of Seth’s good friends, he had an immense amount of lines to memorize, I think he only stalled one time through the entire play. I was so impressed by the entire cast.

Seth’s very last line came while he was recovering from a delirious fever caused by his gun shot wound. He was to say to Huck, “We had quite an adventure Huck.”  But instead he said, “We had quite an adventure Tom…..” then he paused for a second and said, “Huck.”  The audience cracked up.  Huck Finn played it off famously and said, “Your fever must be coming back…”

Taking their bow at the end.  They worked on the play for four months and you could tell. I was so proud of all of them and the audience loved it. Bravo!  Bravo!

I should probably get him a camera.

I threw my camera at my 15yo son and told him to take photos of his little bothers hunting Easter eggs. I finally got them off my camera and was amazed at his approach behind the lens.

I should probably get him his own camera.  But, he has a history of losing things. He had a cell phone for less than a year before he lost it.  He keeps trying to convince me that having it for nine months was a loooooong time, like I should give him an award for keeping it that long. Before he lost it for good, he had lost is briefly more times than I can count. He also broke it.  So, unless I could get him a camera that has a tracking device on it and is indestructible, I probably won’t be buying him a camera.

But, he could buy himself a camera!  That is if he could find his wallet. For Christmas, two of his gifts were a wallet and a  belt.  Four months later for his birthday he received a wallet and a belt…..because he had lost his wallet and broke his belt.  Upon opening his birthday presents he said with a grin, “This is like Christmas all over again.”

You can probably imagine how I reply when he asks me if he can have a new phone or that he needs a new _____ because this ______ is broken and I lost _____.  Do you know that there is not one remote in my house with batteries in it?  Do you know why?  It’s because my younger sons keep breaking the back covers off the remotes and then the batteries won’t stay in.  We duct tape them close…they scrapes the tape off to get to the batteries to use in a different device. It’s maddening.  MADDENING.  I never watch TV, mostly because I can’t find a remote to work the darn thing!

I’m raising apes. Seriously, they dink with everything, break everything, lose EVERYTHING! And we are just getting started.  My oldest son is now 6’1″, he has no idea how big he is.  He’s like a baby that hits his head on everything after they start walking. I sympathetically tell him he has to be more careful when he’s moving through a crowd of people because he could really hurt someone if he bumps into them.  And watch the wing span…son, watch the wing span.

I have to admit he’s doing a good job of preparing me for the next two giant beastly boys that will be knocking down the walls of my house in a few years.  I should probably pack away all my breakable belongings now.

He sure took some neat photos though.  Maybe once he’s reached maximum height and learned how big he is in comparison to the world around him I can buy him a nice camera and stitch it to his hand.