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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Puppet Lady

My parents now live 40 minutes away from me.  I have never, in my adult life, had my parents live so close to me. My mom, The Puppet Lady, is giddy about being so close to her grandchildren and it’s very cute.  She calls me almost everyday to check in and see what child has what activity and to tell me how happy she is that she lives so close.  She called me eight times last Saturday when she was planning a family dinner for Sunday.  Then yesterday she called me to tell me how much fun she had on Sunday and how wonderful my salad was and to give her evaluation of all the children, which is all normal conversation fodder, but it’s the filler in the conversations that crack me up.  I love The Puppet Lady.


Me: Hi Mom.

TPL: Hi Baby Girl…have I told you how much I LOVE living this close to you?

Me: Yes, you’ve told me.

TPL: You sound so tired.  I’m very worried about you.

Me: I have a lot of kids Mom…I’m always tired.

TPL: I think you need to go to the doctor.

Me: Why?

TPL: You probably have a vitamin deficiency. The doctor can give you a shot of what you’re needing.

Me: No, I have excessive children…it’s not a disease.  It can’t be cured by a shot.

TPL: I know…I know exactly how you feel. Okay, I gotta go. Love ya!


Then there was this one:


TPL: You are going to be so lost after you take Ellen to college.  Your father and I cried buckets after we dropped you off at college.

ME: You didn’t take me to college.

TPL: Well, when we sent you off, it was so hard.

Me: You weren’t home when I left for college.

TPL: You have no idea how hard it was.  Okay, I gotta run.  Love ya!


And this one:

TPL: We close on the house on your birthday!  Isn’t that exciting?  It’s your birthday and we close on the house!

Me: Yes, very exciting.

TPL: I want to celebrate with sparkling cider!  Because we close on the house….on your birthday!!  I bought a house on your birthday!  Okay, I gotta get busy.  Love ya!


There is no other Puppet Lady quite like my mom.


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