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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Chicken Doctor


The Architect


Raising Boys

They are going to drive me to an early grave:

“Mom, I did take a bath! I don’t know why there is still dirt on my face!” 9yo

“Smell my breath….smell it!  Does it smell like mint?  Cuz, I just chewed a bunch of toothpaste.” 6yo

“Something is about to come out of my bottom……” 6yo

“Mom, if we were billionaires and I knew how to ice skate, would you let me play hockey?”15yo

“How many hours does it take us to get to Target? I have a credit card to spend there.” 9yo

“Are these cookies for breakfast?” 9yo

“Mom, I have never liked oatmeal, but I’ll eat it anyway because I’m starving.” 15yo

“I can’t eat that chicken for lunch….it gave me some serious diarrhea last night.” 15yo

“I can’t find any socks. I know I had a bunch in my drawer, but I can’t find any now.” 9yo

“Mom, these are the only jeans I have. I don’t have any without holes, except for those ones….but I don’t know where they are, so can I wear these?” 9yo

“I want to order whatever Dad is eating.” 6yo

“She’s a little punk.  No wait.  I mean she’s a little Miss Goody Two Shoes, I forgot what I wanted to call her.”  15yo

“Mom, I don’t want to act it, I just want to memorize the lines and be done with it!” 15yo

“I need to find a girl just like you Mom, one that will laugh at my jokes.” 15yo

“I’m your baby…and I’m a kid…” 6yo

“Oh! I love cooking shows!  Cuz, they learn me to cook.” 6yo

“Can you please stop packing boiled eggs in my lunch?” 9yo

“If today is Tuesday, then I want to order lunch, because I think it’s chicken day.” 9yo

“There is a jacket in the lost and found that I want.  I hope it’s not a girl’s jacket.” 9yo

“I’m going to name all the kitties Benny,” 9yo

“Thanks for letting me drive.  I’m pretty terrified.” 15yo

“We’re just going to sit here until all the traffic is gone….then I’ll proceed.” 15yo

“Mom, you are being so loud.  Everyone in the store can hear you asking us what we want to eat and they don’t care.” 15yo

“I can’t tell you what happened at school today, because I told you yesterday.”6yo

“I don’t want to go to college because it’s scary. There’s a lot of bullies.” 6yo

“Your the best Mom EVER!” 9yo

“Mom, will you buy me a toy…I need a toy!” 15yo

“I think there is an online device that will locate my phone.  If it costs money, I’ll pay for it.” 15yo

“Mom…promise you won’t get mad?” 9yo

“Mom…can I ask just one more question?” 9yo

“Mom…Mom…Mom…Mom…Mom…Mom…Mom…Mom…Mom” 9yo

“Mom, if you don’t say ‘what’ then I don’t think you hear me.” 9yo




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