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This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Training for the Highland Games

See this wooden post?  It’s part of our old pig pen that we dismantled in order to build a new pig pen.  Because that’s what we do on Coal Creek Farm, we tear down stuff, move the stuff to another part of the farm and re-build the same stuff.  Keeps us from getting bored.

I have no idea why I’m laughing, but it probably has something to do with the realization that I’m tearing down a pig pen, because when you think about it….that’s pretty funny.

The ground was soggy the day we tore down the pen so we lifted the posts right out of the ground.  I decided I’d do this one all by my big self.  Do you see how helpful my youngest boy is?  He’s hitting the post with two little wonder bars.  So helpful.

You know those Scottish games where the Highlanders lift the giant poles and throw them?  I think I could do that.  I could be a Scottish Highlander.  I have the freckles.

This might be where I remembered I’m almost 41 years old, out of shape and my back just isn’t what it used to be.  Or…it’s my second attempt to get that dad-gum post out of the ground.

Yep…I got it out all by myself with no help from that little wonder bar boy.  Coming soon to Coal Creek Farm, four new pigs.  Stay tuned!!!

I’m still here…kinda


Proof than I’m alive even though Clay is asleep behind the wheel.

And possessed by a gargoyle.

A gargoyle that tried to lick my head.

I’d like to tell you the entire story of where we were going, but I’m still trying to process it.  Here’s some of the details: It was a business party, most of the people there were over the age of 60, the food…sweet Jesus, the food was just bizarre…there was a musical with a lot of morbidly obese people  dancing.  You see why I’m struggling?  If I didn’t have these photos, I’d think it was all a bad dream.


ps. Could someone please take my coat to the cleaners to remove all the fuzz balls and pet hair and whatever sticky substance is on the sleeve and shoulder?  Oh…and replace the missing button?  Great, thanks.  Lookin’ sharp as always…sigh.

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