The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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She Dances with Hightops

I spent the last three days watching this girl play basketball.  It was a beautiful thing.

Now, on to track season.



Busted Well Head

I would very much like it if someone would bonk me on the head so I won’t remember the past week.

Let’s start with Monday when I drove my daughter to pick up her truck at the repair shop.  Clay and I were so relieved that the repairs amounted to $300 instead of the $800 we were envisioning.  But, as I was backing out of the parking lot I hit the iron tailgate of a giant flat bed truck and it busted the rear window out of the van.  I can’t stop singing, “I bust the window out cha caw..”

Now, get this…the week before the bust the window out my car incident,  Clay had backed the van into our truck which busted the rear bumper on the van and that was just a few days after I had backed into a tree leaving a nice dent in the back door and just moments after my husband had asked me where that big dent in the back of the van had come from. My response to his question was a guilty smile with no explanation, but after he crashed into the truck I decided to fess up, “I backed into one of our trees.”  I’m not sure that made him feel any better, but it sure took a load of guilt off of me…..until I bust the window out my car.

Guess how much our deductible is?  Yep, $500.  So, that $800 we were thinking about, essentially is correct. I’m driving around with black trash bags adhered with duct tape across the back that flaps like a Super Hero cape when I excel faster than 30mph.  Which is pretty much everywhere I go.  One of my son’s friends calls it so “Ghetto”.

I can’t make myself go take photos, so I Googled wrecked van and this was my favorite.

Why?  Why did I choose a wrecked van next to a wrecked house.  Because….because of the well head.  What’s a well head?  Well…and I mean well, not well.  Why is the English language so stupid and difficult?  I mean really, it’s amazing that we think it makes sense, not cents or scents…geeeeez.  Anyway, I also Googlely-woogely-wooed a photo of a well head and this is what Google had to offer;

A happy, old man covered with tattoos and white fur.

A Farrah Faucet bust with lumpage coming out of her clavicle bones.

And this.

None of these are well heads or well heads.  Stupid English language.

I decided to get off my big-fat-fatty-fat and go outside to take a picture of the darn thing so you know what the Hell a well head is.

This is a well head, not a well head.  We still have water, but I think we’re just one little nick of a wire away from not having water.  We didn’t realize it was busted until it appeared from under the pile of snow that was covering it.  My neighbor plowed into it when he was doing us a favor by clearing our drive.  He has no idea that he did this and I’m not going to tell him.

And while I was at it, I went ahead and took some photos of my beastly ride.  I know, I’m awesome and so is my Ghetto Van.  Dude.

The Super Hero cape.

I like how the broken well head is in the back ground, like it’s flirting with the van, “Hey Baby, who busted you up?  I know your pain Sweet Silver Lady.  I’ll show you my broken PVC if you show me your shattered glass.  Growrrrrrr.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to crawl back into the hole where I’ve been hiding.  And I’ll listen to this song fifty more times in lieu of antidepressants.

Fast Tube by Casper

Living on the Cheap

It has been FOREVER since I’ve mentioned anything about our debt reduction diet via DAMN RAMSEY!! I guess we get used to doing things a certain way and then it just seems normal.

Confession Time

There is one area that we are really bad at saving money.  Any guesses?  Food.  We are still terrible about going out to eat every Sunday.  We usually go to a places that costs us $20-25 to feed all six of us and we’re socializing at the same time, but still we could be saving that money for something else.

We paid off our van this year.  We paid a huge chunk all at once and then we sucked wind for several months, so that wasn’t very fun, but I’m glad the debt is gone.  And the van is dented on every side. I backed it into a tree last week and Clay backed it into his truck this week.  Poor van, it looks terrible, but it’s paid for, so who cares! We will drive it until it dies, which might be sooner than we hope if we keep abusing it.

We haven’t had an increase in our income for over two years.  I’m sure there are a lot of you nodding your head acknowledging the same circumstance.  It sucks, so we try not to think about it.

Our monthly expenses have gone up almost $400 mostly due to insurance and children.  Ouch.

By the grace of God, we are doing okay. We’re not taking vacations or fixing things that need repaired (the van, the porch, the barn, the dining room lights, my drooping eyelids, blah, blah, blah) and life just keeps going.  We’re really okay and I’m very thankful for that.

Things we really save on are clothing and entertainment.  We rarely get new clothes or shoes. I mean the kids have to be in dire need in order for me to go get them something new.  As for entertainment we stick to movies at Redbox and going to the kids’ sporting events and by sporting events I mean basketball. That’s about it.  Again, I don’t feel like we’re missing out on anything, we’re far too busy to even think about anything else.  Well, okay right now I’m thinking how nice it would be to go somewhere warm….but then I’d have to pack and do laundry…never mind, I’ll just stay home.

Saving money is a lot of work.  Getting out of debt is exhausting and at times very boring.  But, the peace of mind that if gives you is so worth it.

Money Saving Site

Last year I bought 2 yards of fabric on the clearance table to re-do some chairs I found in a dumpster.  I ended up using a different fabric for the chairs.  So, I decided I wanted to make curtains out of the fabric, but 2 yard was not enough fabric to cover the three windows that need curtains.  Unfortunately, the fabric store didn’t have anymore of the fabric.  DANG!  So, I searched online and finally found a site that had my exact fabric and it was CHEAP!!  So, if you have some older fabric and you know the manufacturer and the name of the print try finding it at Fabric Guru.  I was amazed at their prices.  My fabric came yesterday and I’m so excited to get started on my curtains.  I’ll show you pictures and tell you how much I spent when I’m done….hahahaha, oh I love how I make it sound like I’m just going to whip out those curtains any second now.

Okay, that’s it from me.  I’d love for you to share any great money saving tips or deals you’ve had lately.  I think hearing how other people are surviving is just what we all need to keep ourselves motivated to save more and spend less.