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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Big Hunt or The Big Drive or The Big Dance

Clay went pheasant hunting  in western Kansas with a group of buddies from St. Louis this weekend.  I was going to take a before and after photo to show you how many birds he shot, but it would look just like this photo, so why bother?

This is Clay saying goodbye to me on Friday afternoon with the three shotgun shells that he left on the table, because he was too excited about the weekend trip to notice them.

This is Clay posing with Ellen before she went to her winter formal on Saturday night.  What?  Did you get that?  He left for a hunting trip on Friday, drove across Kansas, hunted half a day, then drove back across Kansas.  All because….

one of his little hunting buddies didn’t realize that the formal was scheduled on the same weekend as the hunting trip.  Which wouldn’t have been a big deal if….

he wouldn’t have asked this lovely girl to go with him.  We tried our hardest to keep the hunting trip a secret, so she wouldn’t feel bad about him coming back, but she found out anyway, mostly because Seth needed some dinner conversation.

This is Clay at 9pm on Saturday night mooching off the food table at the formal.  Right after this I took him home so he could sleep for a few hours before driving across Kansas again to join his hunting buddies for the rest of the weekend.  I think this photo shows just how tired he was.  He told his kids he wouldn’t have missed seeing them get all dressed up for anything and that he would have been very sad if Seth missed getting to go to his first dance.   And let’s face it,  none of us were about to tell Seth’s sweet date that she might not get to go to the dance because none of us know how to look at a calendar.

Clay never complained how economically ridiculous this whole weekend was or how crazy it was not to cancel one of the events.  His goal was to make everyone happy.  And he did.  Unfortunately, he came home with exactly one pheasant that the hunting guide was kind enough to donate to him.  He had a great weekend and is just a tad bit tired.

After reading this post Clay said, “This makes me sound stupid and good all at the same time…stupid and good.”  He’s highly entertaining, that man.

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