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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Older, Wiser, Cuter

I was going to name this post, Perfecting His Choke Hold, but I’ve been blogging long enough now to realize what sort of traffic that would bring to my site.  Now that I think about it…Older, Wiser, Cuter, might bring the same crowd.  Maybe I should title all my posts, The Derivative of Coal,..which makes no sense whatsoever.  Oh well.


Here we have Clay…choking his children on his 41st birthday, which was back in October.  I can’t wait until these boys get as big as their dad, we’ve given up hope for Ellen, she’s a shrimp.


This picture closely represents our parenting of the four kids.  We’ve held a much tighter grip on the older two while the younger two seem to fly safely under the radar.


Twenty years from now it will be fun to hear them talk about how we raised them to see who thinks we were the better parents.


Right now I’m betting that Levi will consider us suckers because he gets away with everything and he’ll look back blissfully on his childhood with no complaints, although he gets in far more trouble than the other three combined.  Isaac will think we were only interested in getting him out of the house because he asks too many questions and was constantly being shushed.  Seth will lament on how we were constantly giving him jobs to do and nobody ever helped him do his jobs even though they were his jobs and he did his best to get out of those jobs.  Ellen will still be living at home refusing to move out because then she would have to shop for her own clothes and use Google maps to find where she’s going and that’s just really hard, besides her Mom and Dad are great people so why would she want to live anywhere else once she has successfully packed up her brothers and shipped them out the door?


Why is Clay’s face fading away in these pictures?  Does that mean something?  It’s rather creepy.

Hey, decorating tip 143: Take a piece of fabric, fold it in half, hang it over a curtain rod to see if you like it, leave it there for months, now it’s a curtain.


I love this picture, I can read their minds, “Caaaaaaaaaaake.”  We’d be closing in on the end of our parenting journey if we wouldn’t have had these two.  But, then our lives would be really quiet and boring.


Which one do you think all the teachers fall in love with because he’s quiet and sweet and never breaks any rules, but he does day dream a lot.


Finally, I have to give Ellen props for making the carrot cake that Clay requested.  Lately, it’s our birthday cake of choice.  This was her first time to make a three layer cake and she forgot to frost in between the layers.  Okay, enough about the kids, this is supposed to be about Clay.

Forty one years old and I’ve known him for 22 of those years.  He’s like a good cheese, he gets better with age.

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