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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Black and Blue

Last night was our big fundraiser for the school.

I spent most of the day pounding around on a concrete floor setting up the auction and then I wore new cowboy boots all night on that same concrete floor.  It’s amazing I can still feel my feet.  When I got home last night I was one sore chick.  I hopped in the shower and noticed that from my knees to my hips my legs were….get this…blue.  I still don’t know why they were blue, but it looked like the top half of my leg had died.

What do you do when half your leg turns blue?  I wasn’t sure if panicking at 1:00am was appropriate.  I decided the only course of action should be to wake up Clay and tell him, “Honey?  Honey?  HONEY?… legs are blue.”  Clay’s reaction after he sat up in bed was, “Yes, blue, okay, you’re okay, okay…..okay.”  And then he went back to sleep.  I’m 90% certain he was not awake.  Then I decided to heck with the blue legs, I’m going to bed.

This morning, I’m happy to report, my legs are no longer blue.  But, dear GOD IN HEAVEN my entire body feels like it was slammed against a brick wall five hundred times.  This fundraising stuff is mean to me.

I have one more event today on that beloved concrete floor and I’m wondering how much Ibuprofen it’s going to take to get me through it.

Oh, and to top it off….I really need to go to the store.  My cats have been eating dog food, my dog has been eating table scraps, the chickens are eating what’s left of my garden, I haven’t had conditioner to use in my hair for a week….hello straw head, I’ve been using body wash as shampoo and I just heard my little boys crunching on chips for breakfast.  The thought of walking around a grocery store and going to the feed store to haul forty-billion tons of feed for everyone, well…just order me a casket now, because I think I’d rather die…my legs already did, so I might as well join them.

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