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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Stuff I should write about, but don’t.

I have so many things that I haven’t written about for the last year, it’s a bit overwhelming.  I should probably tell you all about the farm stuff like:

– The beehives that failed.  One froze over the winter and the other got infested with moths.  We are apiary failures.

– The nasty little black and white hog we raised this year.  Gah, he was a pain and he didn’t weigh enough to get any bacon off his nasty butt!

-It rained so much this year that our orchard suffered from some lovely fungus…geesh!  We had a few apple varieties that did okay, but what a bummer.  I made a small batch of apple butter and that’s about it.

-I thought I planted sweet bell peppers only to discover they were hot habeneros.  I set a few on my counter  that I picked and then just watched the rest of them grow, I’m not using any of them and they won’t die!

And then there’s the financial stuff:

-We paid off our van!

-I wrecked the van and said the F word.

-The van is paid for and dented.

-We are still in debt.

-There is a pile of coupons on my counter that I’m trying to use.

-It’s hard to use coupons at the store when I leave them on the counter at home.

-We could really use a third car for Ellen.

-Ellen needs a job to help pay for that car.

-Ellen doesn’t have time for a job.

-Ellen needs a bicycle.

-Clay hasn’t had a raise for five-billion years.

-I haven’t had a raise in four-trillion years.

-What is a raise?

-Debt sucks and Dave Ramsey needs to go buy me some bar stools and fix my porch!

-I’m not doing a very good job of living like no one else so I can FREAKING fix my PORCH!!

-Did I mention we paid off the van?

-Did I say the day after we paid off the van we used our emergency fund to repair the van?

-I wanted the mechanic to fix the passenger side window that won’t roll down, except when I took it in to get fixed, it miraculously healed thyself.

-The window decided not to roll down today.

-I think my van hates me, because I’m a potty mouth.

There was also the 5 days that Clay and I decided to starve ourselves:

-It was supposed to be a cleanse for our health.

-Clay wanted to drink less Coke Zero, I wanted to jump start a diet.

-We cheated on day three.

-We were hungry.

-Clay still drinks soda, I still have love muffins.

-I would do it again, Clay would rather die.

Okay that’s my list, now tell me what you all want to hear about, so I can write something meaningful.  What do the curious minds out there need to know about old Coal Creek Farm?

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