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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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A Peacful Moment

Last month we met our friends in Missouri at another friend’s cabin for the weekend.  It was such a beautiful, peaceful weekend.  I wanted to stay forever.

We drove through Tipton, Missouri where we stopped at this bulk food store run by the Dutch Amish.  It was a great little place.  I want to go back right now and buy one of the  porch swings they were selling outside.

Rows of candy.  All the colors of the rainbow, like we died and went to candy Heaven.

All the flour a person could ever need.

I still don’t know what those big green balls are, but my family liked saying, “There’s a bag of big, green balls!” and then they died laughing.  I have to apologize for them a lot.  Sorry, Dutch Amish store people.

This collection of spices fascinated me.  I wanted to open all the tubs and sniff them to see if they would make me sneeze or gag or say, “YUM!”  I found a 3 gallon tub of cinnamon and seriously thought about bringing it home, because running out of cinnamon is a crime in my house.  But, I didn’t…I will probably regret it next week when we’re out of cinnamon…again.

Do you want cheese with that?  How about some cheese?  Say, cheeeeese!

We bought an apple pie and a cherry pie…..and they were so…….awful.  I’m serious.  I was so surprised, they used canned filling.  That’s just not a good pie people.  No.  No canned filling.  Ick.

Checking out with our pies, sausage, cheese and candy…of course we had to buy candy.

And then we drove to this little spot and had the most glorious weekend.

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