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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Our Hair Story


Sweet mother of Jheri curl!  Yes, that was how curly Clay’s hair was when I met him, it was all natural and it was such a mystery to me.  I’d never known a guy with a dependency on hair product.   This was taken at my sister’s college graduation in May 1991.  Notice the absence of sideburns, I’m not sure when he started sporting the burns, but once he had them, they stayed.  I have no idea why I’m wearing a shirt with shoulder pads, I beg your forgiveness and let’s remember that this was before I started picking out Clay’s clothes for him.  I was never so happy to see a tie go to Goodwill.


October 1991, we were engaged and sporting some big curly hair at my best friend’s wedding.  Oh, wait, there’s the sideburns, maybe he started wearing them that summer.


New Years Eve 1991, he finally cut off the mop and I stayed safe with the bob, it would be my haircut of choice for several years.  The Ralph Lauren purple and green rugby that Clay’s wearing was shared with nearly every girl in my dorm our freshman year at KU.  We all LOVED that shirt!!!  Basically, if you didn’t lock your closet you’re clothes were considered community property and I wore that rugby once and then it was passed around to all my friends before it made it’s way back to Clay.


August 1992, the day before our wedding sitting on the back stoop of our first Hell hole, I mean house.  You can read a nice little story that Clay wrote about how I belly surfed down the porch stairs here.  I guess I was still into bangs back then.


Okay, last one…then you can go about your day.  August 1993, one month before I gave birth to our daughter, Ellen.  I thought I was HUGE!  I look more pregnant now!  And Clay, stuffing that pillow in his shirt to make fun of my big belly!  WHAT BELLY?!  Oh, right, this is supposed to be about hair….what was I thinking when I cut off all my hair right after our wedding?  Clay’s hair was still a mystery to me.  How does hair grow straight up like that?

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