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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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April 1970- 1990

Polyester circa 1970.  If you didn’t have a little football cheerleading uniform when you were a baby….I’m sorry.  My mom is the only person I know that put jewelry on babies, check out my necklace and ring.  I was always afraid Ellen would suck it right off her finger and choke to death, I still have that baby ring.

Polyester circa 1974.  I remember hating this outfit because my sister got to wear velvet pants and red boots for her pictures.

Polyester circa 1975.  This was preschool and the beginning of the freckle spread.  Also, my hair was always more curly on one side than the other.  I remember one time my mom curled one side under and the other side up and didn’t realize it until we got to where we were going.

Light blue eye-shadow circa 1987.  My Junior year in high school I participated in the Junior Miss pageant.  I won Miss Congeniality and 4th runner-up.  I felt ridiculously large on the stage.  I did a puppet show for my talent using a big lion puppet that I called Baby Lion……..sweet Jesus, that memory makes me want to vomit.

Men’s flannel pajamas that were four inches too short circa 1988.  This was my 18th birthday.  I had been at a track meet all day, came home, took a shower and then my mom shoved a heart shaped ice-cream cake in one hand and a vase of pink roses in the other.  SMILE!!!

Hair spray circa 1988.  This was my high school graduation.  I was wearing a wool dress.  I loved that dress…LOVED IT!!!  I also loved stuffed animals, wicker baskets, Precious Moments, Mary Kay cosmetics, musky perfume and gold jewelry…….then I went to college.

Puffy cheek circa 1990.  I came home for the summer after my Sophomore year at KU and the day after I had all my wisdom teeth pulled my mom scheduled family portraits.  My left cheek was all swollen so I tried to pull as much of my  hair over it  as I could.  That was the last time I lived with my parents.

Next up…the Clay and April photos.

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