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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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A Peek Into A Weird Marriage…

This was an instant message conversation that Clay and I had a week or so ago.  I saved it just in case I wanted to use it on the blog and today seemed like a fine day to use it.
Clay:  so those pictures I sent you…
me:  yeah…
Clay:  did you get one called pics 3?
me:  hold on let me look, or just send it again
Clay:  or just look
me:  or shove a thumb up your…
Clay:  gah…why are you so difficult
me:  makes life more fun and you love me
Clay:  yea yea
me:  if I was easy all the time, you’d be bored
Clay:  probably
me:  I think you’re cute and I love you.
Clay:  stop it…are you going to be home for lunch?
me:  hahahahaha~nope we’re leaving at 10 terdy
Clay:  ok
me:  you can just think about me while I’m gone
Clay:  i do all the time
me:  and you can buy me presents
Clay:  yes…of course
me:  I love you
Clay:  l know
now about that email
me:  fine!  yep got it, must have skipped it
Clay:  yep, there were four of them total (emails) did you get all four?
me:  yes sir
Clay:  well, you got em
me:  would you like to just take over the blog now?
Clay:  what do you mean now?
me:  remember when I said I love you?
Clay:  and I love you too
me:  I take it back…you’re a pain in my arse hole. But I still think you’re cute, do you think I’m bi-polar?
Clay:  no…wait, yes…um, no
me:  I find myself to be extremely entertaining…like all the time!
Clay:  yes, you’re very entertaining, much better than those videos
me:  but, they were still funny Erik Estradaaaaaaa!  I remember the days when you thought stupid things were really funny.  Like feet turned the same direction.
Clay:  that’s freakin hilarous
me:  they’re feet!
Clay:  in the same direction!!!
me:  oh, okay…well then that’s funny!
Clay:  I know!!
me:  Mr. Squishy just got up
Clay:  he is squishy
me:  and toasty warm
Clay:  he and isaac were cute last night
me:  playing?
Clay:  yes, with the tire and then the trash can
me:  I saw them w/the tire and thought they were like kids in the 50s
Clay:  yea
me:  okay, gotta get him something to eat…love you, think of me, buy me things…..see you late tonight!
Clay:  buy darling
me:  exactly…BUY
Clay:  dang…
Now, my dear readers, you can tell me if you don’t think this video is funny and that Clay is losing his mind for humor.
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