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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Panic List


That mommy camel and I, we are both hoping that summer comes soon so we can shed some extra baggage.  She is looking a bit haggard gazing off into the distance with her little one by her side wondering what she should do next; feed the kid, clean, laundry, work, finish a project…okay just stare into the distance, that’s really the best thing.

I think I’ve discovered that three is my limit for everything.  Once I exceed three I’m toast.  I find myself saying, “Oh CRAP!  I forgot about that !”  a lot these days.  A lot.

I just hope I can get past May 15th, which is the final track meet of the season, without completely losing my mind.

I’m way behind on farm stuff and that makes me sad, so sad that I’m starting to panic a bit, so….might as well make a list.

Spring Panic List

1.  Get the dad gum frickin’ garden planted!

2. Find two blasted pigs!

3. Mow..mow…and then mow again and then rake up all the gosh darn clippings!

4. April, you can’t raise meat chickens if you don’t go get them!!!

5. The orchard…remember how you were going to treat the orchard this year?

6. The bees…why Clay?  Why did we get bees?

7. The porch, it’s rotting.  Will we start that project before or after somebody falls through and breaks a hip?

Oh, gosh, I have to stop before I have a nervous break down and I just realized I have one hour to take a shower, clean my house for company tonight, go to the store and get to school to sub in a classroom.  It’s all good right?  Right?  RIGHT?

One day at a time.

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