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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Fabulously Forgetful Forties and The $100 Question


So, last week was my 40th birthday.  I have to admit it was less than glorious.  I had spent some time leading up to my birthday wondering if I would celebrate big or not.  I also spent a lot of useless time thinking about how I was living my life, if I had accomplished enough, lived enough, laughed enough, been a good parent, a decent wife…and on and on, until I just about drove myself insane.  By the time my birthday rolled around I was so grumpy and sad that I wanted to eat my family for breakfast and I pretty much did just that.  They tasted a bit like chicken.

I went to bed as a depressed forty year old wishing that someone would please fix my tiara and re-instate my royalty.

Anyway, it was a very crummy birthday and I probably could have made it better and my family could have made it MUCH better.  Don’t worry, after I got my point across the next day…they spent the weekend groveling and bowing and making amends.  My tiara is back on my head polished clean with only a couple dents.

Now, for the fun stuff,  BlogHer asked me to participate in The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions … and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars!

When I first got the email to participate I had no idea what I would ask, so Clay and I sat down and had this little brainstorming session in which he was typing any question that came out of my mouth…

1.  How much does Clay annoy you?  Cause he really annoys me when I’m trying to think up questions.
2.  What is the most effective method for inflicting pain on your husband in order to make him stop annoying the crap out out of you?
3.  If you met your husband for the first time today, would you still marry him?  Cause I would have to think about that.
4.  Do you turn red when you’re embarrassed?  Because I do…really easily.
5.  How do you get out of an embarrassing situation?  I wish I knew so people would not need to see my beet red face.
6.  What is your spouses top five foods?  According to Clay, mine are salad, soup, steak, pasta, and carrot cake and he struggled to get these five and was a bit concerned after he said salad that he wouldn’t be able to think of four more.
7.  How did or how will you spend your 40th birthday?  Seriously, people…spend it better than I did!!!

I decided to go with #7.  So head over to BlogHer, answer the question for your chance to win $100.

Here are the rules in case you’re wondering.

Comments must be made at to be eligible for the prize.
Commenters must be registered users (all you need is an email address to register.)
My question’s contest will be open Monday, April 12 through Wednesday, April 14.

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