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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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So, a blonde walks into the room....


When we visited St. Louis during Spring Break, I spent one night out with some of my girlfriends.  This is Becky, well it’s the back of Becky’s head.  I first met Becky when she was in high school and now she’s almost 30 years old!!!  How is that possible?  Anyway, I love Becky’s funky style, I mean if Becky didn’t have pink hair, I would be concerned.  However, the day she pierced her nose…I struggled looking at her. I have a problem with holes in the face, I mean like make me want to faint because that has got to hurt and OH MY GOSH THERE IS A HOLE IN YOUR NOSE!!!  I’m getting a little queasy just typing this.  Anyway, let’s stop talking about that before I faint.  Becky is beautiful, nose hole and all.  One more thing about Becky…

She made this cake.  Yeah, it’s a cake.  She and a bunch of her friends had a Lost party and since Becky is a professionally trained pastry chef …she made a Lost cake.

If you’re a Lost fan then this cake makes sense.  If you’re not, then I suggest you hurry up and become one since this is the last season.

I don’t think I can fully explain the polar bear on the tropical island.  You just need to watch the show.  Check out the cable running from the beach to the water.  I know!  So cool.

The polar bear, the hatch and Oceanic flight 815 before she went down on the island.  All edible of course.  Wait a minute.  Becky?  Uh, I think you forgot something…I don’t see Sawyer.

Would it have been too difficult to sculpt a Sawyer trotting along the beach toting a gun making snide remarks?  Maybe for the grand finale you could make a Sawyer cake.  Yes?  I get to eat his glasses.

Becky was watching Lost while making the cake, because, you know, every artist needs their inspiration.

I’m pretty sure this photo could be titled, “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cake Decorators.”  Sticky, dishes, sticky, dishes, sticky…that’s pretty much what’s going on in my head when I look at this photo.  Oh, but so worth the mess when you see what she creates.

There she is, hi Becky!  Cheers to you!  You’re one talented chick, with a hole in your nose!!!

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