The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Hair

The hair….it’s blinding!!!  This is just a little preview of some hilarious photos I’ve scanned recently.  Just wait til I show you the rest of them.  This is me at age four posed in my lovely 1974 polyester outfit, sporting my pixie haircut that made me look more like a boy than a girl and maybe that’s why I think Levi looks so much like me.

Remember that one time…

that I asked you about cameras?  And then you gave me a whole bunch of suggestions?  Remember that?  Yeah, all that did was make my head hurt and NOT want to shop for a camera.  Ugh, I don’t like technology.  Which brings me to a good story to share with you.

Remember Sledge?  He’s out of town this week doing some film editing and so I had to step in and do his job for him which I’ve decided he has plenty of job security, but I’m not letting him know that….because I texted him after the 8 hours it took me to do the 30 minute job that he left undone and said, “You should be fearing for your job. I could totally do this!  Easy peasy!” and then he texted me back, “………no”.  He’s got a point.  I had to burn some DVDs of one of the little promotional films we had put together for the school.  I’ve never burned anything that wasn’t food or wood, so I knew this was not going to be pretty.  I called Sledge and said something like, “Okay, I need to make copies of that video and you need to tell me how to do that and we’re probably not going to be friends after you’re done trying to help me.”  I think it took him 40 minutes to walk me through the process and at one point I had to tell him to hold on a second so I could put the phone down and laugh really hard at myself, because it didn’t matter how well he described the button I was supposed to click….I still didn’t understand what it was that he wanted me to CLICK!  There were a lot of silent pauses on his end and a lot of, “Okay, try this…..”  and one time he said, “How does Clay do this with you?” all I could say was, “He has the patience of Job.”   It was so painful, but I did it!  Sadly, after I was done burning all those dvd’s I wasn’t quite sure how to shut down the computer, I’m just sayin’.

I probably shouldn’t follow this up with the second phone call I had to make telling him that the password to get into the computer didn’t work.  When he said, “I texted it to you…that’s the password, you’re probably typing it in wrong”  I was so certain that he was an idiot and he sent me the wrong password and I was the genius!  So he said, “Okay, repeat it after me as you type it” …and I did and it worked.  Really, he can keep his stupid job, because I don’t need it!  I have a blog!


I just happened to take this photo of Sledge and that look on his face pretty much sums up the level of annoyance I can produce in him.


Fast Tube by Casper

We went to see Tim Hawkins in Kansas City last Friday.  After the show I had to go to the emergency room and have them inject pain killers into all the muscles of my face….just kidding, but my cheeks were aching from laughing so hard.  I think he’s the funniest man on the planet!

One of my favorite moments was when Tim mentioned that he has four children ages 14, 11, 8 and Jack.  He was the most entertaining person I have seen on stage.  There, that’s it…that’s my review.  Go see him if your face can take the pain and I should probably mention that Tim’s brother dated Clay’s sister in high school, just so you know that we’re like practically related to the guy.

Oh, and one more thing, does anybody else say things like, “This room smells like sleepy people and sleepy people smell like white cheddar Cheez Its.” because I’ve been saying that all week when I walk into my bedroom.  I think it might be time to wash something.  Okay, back to life, line up your chickens, pigs and turkeys and give them all a big hug for me.