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Next time I’ll make them clean my bathrooms.

Hi, my name is Coach Phillips.  There I said it.

How did this happen?  Am I seriously coaching a track team?  Is this like the biggest joke you’ve ever heard?  Yes.  Yes it is.

I was supposed to just be ‘helping’ my husband coach high jump, but at some point in some weird turn of events I got the title Head Coach.  It makes me feel like I should be vomiting rainbows and fairy dust, it’s that unbelievable.

The first eight hundred times the kids called me Coach I totally ignored them, “Coach?  Coach Phillips?  Uh, hey Coach?  COACH?!”  I didn’t mean to ignore them, I just thought they were talking to an actual coach and that most certainly would NOT BE ME!  So, half of the team refers to me as Mrs. Phillips and about three of them call me Coach and the rest of the team just tries not to make eye contact with me.

Yesterday, I was in such a grumpy mood.  I had a headache and my butt was so freaking sore from the day before when I did four million squats that I was not in the mood to deal with other human life forms.  This is a great thing for a coach….if you are in pain, you can inflict pain.  I had several boys that decided to run off course and few more that couldn’t stop talking while I was giving instructions……so I made them, “DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!”  It was like the spirit of a past drill sergeant came into my body.  You know what?  Those boys dropped and gave me twenty.  And when I said, “Is there anyone else that needs to join them?”  One of the kids that I love said, “ME!ME!ME!”  and because I was in no joking mood, he found himself dropping to the ground doing push-ups as well.

I discovered I have power.  MIGHTY POWER over these kids and I can use it or abuse it.

If I was smart I would use my powers to better my life and make them clean out my van or my bathrooms or worse, sort through my little boys’ clothes to see which are clean and which smell like urine.  Poor kids, they don’t know what’s coming next.

I have to admit I am enjoying this crazy new adventure.  I really love all the kids on my team from the sweet little girls that look like a gentle breeze could break them in half to the gigantic boys that stand behind me so I can shield them from the cold Kansas wind saying, “I gotcher back Coach, I gothcher back.”  I love that they ask me if this is okay or that is okay and when they come to report an injury or tell me they will be late or that they don’t think they can do something, but will try if I really want them to.

Who knew coaching could make my heart grow?  Who knew forty kids could make me enjoy being involved in a sport?  Who knew?

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