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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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What if I? 2010

Instead of making a resolution list this year, I’m making a What if I list.  Because.  Because I can.  And for fun I’m including some fun photos from the past year.


1. What if I…exercised at least three times a week or more?  I might actually lose some weight and fit into my skinny jeans.  My daughter read this and asked, “Do you really have skinny jeans?” Then we rushed to the ER to have all her bones reset.


2. What if I… finished the upstairs hall floor?  I might not have to explain to every new person that sees it why it looks like that. “You see we trashed the carpet, so we tore it up and then we were going to refinish these, but we just haven’t…., be careful not to trip on that paint can.”


3. What if I… completed decorating Ellen’s room before she graduates from high school?  She would not know what to do in a fully decorated room.  She might not be able to sleep.  She might think we’re selling the house.  She won’t notice anyway because she’ll be too busy trying to scratch the itch inside that body cast.


4. What if I… got that molar fixed this year?  Then I’ll have to break the habit of running my tongue back and forth over the darn thing.


5. What if I…saved enough money to buy a new camera?  I’d probably spend it on something else.  Buying a new camera has been on my wish list for awhile and the old KodakEasyshare circa2004 is on it’s last leg.  BUT,  I don’t know if I can do it.  Spending money on a camera, I don’t know.


6. What if I…wrote out a garden plan and stuck to it?  I do this every year and then when I get out to the garden and start planting I just go willy-nilly crazy.  I’m good at marking things, but I almost never plant what I think I’m going to plant and then I never re-plant.  I’m going to do better this year.  Maybe I’ll hit up Margaret Roach for some hard core advice again.  She’ll set me straight.


7. And lastly...What if I…did something really spectacular this year for my birthday?  I mean you only turn 40 once right?  I think this year I need to do something more than ask for Clay to make me his amazing carrot cake, although I still want that cake.  So, what will it be?  I don’t know yet.  Obviously, Damn Ramsey will stick a smelly sock in anything elaborate that I want to do, so hmm?  I’ll need to think on this one.


Now Darlings, please tell me what some of your What if I’s are, I’m ever so curious.


The End

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