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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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My 2009 Resolution Review

Here was what I wanted to accomplish in 2009, let’s see how I did.

In the blessed year of our Lord 2009 I wanted to….

1. Paint my daughter’s #*%! furniture! Har har ha ha heeeeee! Oh, I’m so funny, like I’m ever going to get this done.

Done, Yeah!!!  The proof is here.


2. Lose 5 pounds. I would say 10 or 15, but if I set the goal low then I might actually attain it.

Puh-lease.  Instead I think I gained ten or twenty…who’s counting?

3. Rip up the carpet in the upstairs hall, sand, refinish the wood floors.

Okay, so we got Ellen’s room done, sort of, there is still the trim to finish and a couple of touch ups here and there.  The hall is still not finished…just shoot me please, I can’t finish a project, it’s impossible.


4. Pay off two debts.

We paid off one..and we’re pretty close to the second.

5. Increase the size of the garden.

Yep, yep, yep. Too lazy to hunt down a photo, but really the outcome of the larger garden was pretty pitiful this year.

6. Try to hatch some of our chicken’s eggs.

Well, we had a few hens get broody, but none of them every hatched an egg, although one came very close to hatching a mouse.

7. Add two turkeys and a dozen or more chickens to our flock.

That’s a big ten four there good buddy.  Although, Preacher killed one of the turkeys and the other turkey took her life by jumping into the water tank and drowning one week before thanksgiving.  So, yes we did add to our flock and we raised meat birds.


8. Raise 3-4 pigs and breed one of them. PORK FOR EVERYONE!

Yes!  We raised 4, but we chose not to breed any of them because we didn’t have the time or facility for that many little piggies.


9. Rebuild the back stoop. During the Christmas break we’ve had two grown men fall flat on their cabooses while stepping off our porch. It’s a death trap.

Uh, nope.  Still a death trap waiting for its next victim.

10. Pray more, read more, exercise more, love more, laugh more.

Well, I’d say it depends on the day.

11. Get my broken tooth fixed. I think walking around with a broken molar for two years is long enough. Right?

Nope, didn’t get it done.  I made the appointment and then the dentists’ office had to cancel because one of their employees was gone that day.

12. Go get my eyes checked and for the love of sight….get some glasses! Bifocals are in my future.

Yes!!  Got it done!  Granny glasses!

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