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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Tapped Out.

Well, my friends…I’m tuckered.

Last night we completed the last of three events for our school fundraiser.  What have I learned?  I’m learning how to balance life through all of this.  Outside of this little job and blog of mine life is happening.  That life is full of so many people that are juggling things that are exciting and painful.  A wife and mother is dying, a couple is struggling, another friend is celebrating success, a baby is on the way, a good grade was made, a test was failed and on and on.  Life, it doesn’t pause for us when we’re in the midst of too much.

The last two weeks have been such a whirl wind and my laundry didn’t have the decency to stop.  My Mom did swoop in and do ten loads for me while she was here…if I could just get her trained to put it away.  I love you Mom

My house is a wreck.  My farm is a disaster.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week, I sure hope I can get in a festive mood quick.

I only cried twice through out this whole intense week and saying that I don’t cry very easily seems a little funny now that I’ve posted twice about crying about the turkey and these two instances in this last week.  My emotions were definitely closer to the surface.  Anyway, I cried once when my Dad got up to speak at one of the events and referred to me, which I didn’t know was coming and I was so deep in “Event Planner” mode that it caught me off guard and I melted into a blubbering puddle.  The second time was yesterday morning, we had hosted the huge auction/dinner the night before with over 400 people attending and I was so stinkin’ tired, I drug my huge butt out of bed and was dreading the preparations for the next party when I read an email about an acquaintance that was in the hospital suffering from cancer, so near death.  I wish I could call her a friend, but she’s been ill ever since I moved here and I’ve never had the chance to get to know her.  I cried for her young children and her sweet husband who is such a good and faithful man.  It’s too much pain and suffering for her and them. I prayed for God’s mercies.  My little party planning seemed so ridiculous in comparison.  I’m thankful for those reality checks.  Life isn’t always a party and I’m thankful for that too.

Last night I went out with Clay and three friends that have worked so hard along side me doing the grunt work and saying yes to all my requests.  We drank beer, ate steaks, listened to some horrible karaoke and laughed.  It was a great way to end our work week.

Now, I’m going to rest this weary body and eventually try to find the house that’s been buried under the piles of rubble.

Line up your friends today from tall to short and give them a big hug and kiss for me.  Life is precious.

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