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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Just another day at Coal Creek Farm and a Surprise!


Last Monday I decided I needed to take a break from this little spot in my kitchen where I work on my computer when I’m not at the school and head off to P-Dub’s book signing.  I’m so glad I did.


My sweet friend Mrs Mama arranged the whole thing.  She made coffee, packed snacks, printed no less than twenty Google Maps with directions and reminded me to charge the battery in my camera.  She would make such a great Girl Scout, it’s too bad she can’t remember to take off the lens cap of her own camera.


I remembered to pack my Kodak Easyshare circa 2004, two granola bars, THE cookbook and all my chins.  Do I need to tell you that Mrs Mama took all the good photos?  Probably not, but she did.


There were several people in the crowd that I knew personally.  This is Ann, she goes to church with me and that is her friend and sweet baby girl.


This is Mandy, one of my very good college friends that lives in KC.  Yes, she is very tiny.  Yes, I am very tall and I was wearing heels.  I have a lot of Mandy stories that I should tell you someday.


We did a lot of this all night long.  Laughing, not hair tugging.   There is no hope for me in the laugh line department.  I have them, send Botox please.


Look, another small person!  This is Mary she started a blog not long ago.


This is Clint, Mary’s husband.  He works for the same firm as Clay.  He texted Clay asking why he wasn’t there and then looked around and wondered why he was the only man in the room.  It’s okay Clint, Clay wanted to be there.


There she is.  Hi Ree!


Sing it Ree!  I love the hip and knee action.


We had a long wait to get our cookbooks signed.  So we sat and talked.


And met new friends.  Hi Karen Flanagan!


We went out to the car for a snack and coffee break while the first few hundred people went through the line and when we were headed back in I noticed my granola bar wrapper had wedged itself in my shoe.  I don’t know how these sort of  things happen to me.  How on earth did the wrapper get in my shoe?  I’m just relieved it wasn’t toilette paper….this time.


I asked Marlboro Man who was running the ranch while he was gone and I offered to go check on how things were going, but he said he didn’t raise pigs.  Good point.  It was really good to see him and the boys.  Mrs Mama gave him those UFC gloves he’s holding and then the boys took them and started throwing some wild punches at each other.


When I finally got to see Ree I threw her over my shoulder and burped her.


She felt so much better that she signed my book and called me Pam.   Just kidding.  I had this book signed for my friend.  I want Pam to know this was the last cookbook left at Borders in my town and I called just in time to have them set it aside for me.  My timing is impeccable.


As we were leaving Mary came running back in the auditorium because their car wouldn’t start.  So I jump started their car, actually Clint jump started their car, but this photo makes it look like I helped and then I took Mrs Mama on a major detour of KC before finally getting home.

It was a very fun night with old friends and new friends and Ree’s cookbook is delicious.

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?

Yep, Ree sent me some cookbooks and I want to share one with you.  To enter this give away just leave a comment saying what you’re thankful for this year and I’ll choose the winner tomorrow night when I’m elbow deep in Thanksgiving preparations.

Thanks Ree for bringing us all together in real life and being so kind to send me some of your lovely cookbooks.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

***This give away ends November 25th at 10pm CST.***

Give Away Closed, thanks for commenting!

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