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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Bathroom Blogging

Yes, I’m in the bathroom.  It’s happened before, so nothing new.

One of my sweet friends sent me a link to a clothing store that only a Dave Ramsey fan could love, okay that’s not true, if you like cute clothes you’ll love it too.  Enjoy, Down East Basics and tell me you don’t want to place an order right now.

SweaterThe sweater…Clay…the sweater.  The skirts, the shirts, the long pearls.  We’ll walk through it together.  Never mind, just give me some clothing money and I’ll order it myself.  Merry Christmas to ME!  Also, your daughter would like a few things from this sight, so you need to double whatever you’re giving me…or triple, whatever.

I’ll be using my Twitter feed, Facebook page and this blog to give subtle Christmas hints to Clay.  Please ignore them, unless you are Clay.

This Camera.


Hon, read the reviews, I think it is entirely possible that I could learn how to use this camera.  I know what you’re thinking, I don’t know how to use my cellphone, but I do know how to use your Iphone and I think this camera would be much more user friendly…blah, blah, blah… I want the camera.  I think it’s time to retire the old Kodak Easyshare circa 2004.  Her buttons are worn and the battery thingy is broken and well, it’s days are numbered.

Clay, remember the year you got me socks?  And the other year that you went Christmas shopping with Gary and you picked out a man’s XXL fleece pull-over with giant OLD NAVY stitched to the front in soft feminine colors of black and red?  And of course there was the diamond necklace debacle, we won’t go there.

Through the years I’ve tried to use the children to aid you in your gift selections.  Specifically Ellen, I would point to items in the store and say, “Ellen, if you are ever shopping with Dad, tell him to buy that for me.”  For some odd reason you never believe her and she’s so easily persuaded to like anything that she loses focus and ends up agreeing that I would love some strange snake swirling necklace with a diamond slapped on the surface.  Oh, sorry, I went there.  It’s okay though, because look at all the help I’m giving you this year.  The key is to not choose for yourself.  Okay?  No wandering off into the wide world of shopping and getting the great idea that I would love a pair of Birkenstocks or Men’s Doc Martins.  Why do you always buy me men’s clothing?  What is that?

So, let’s review; camera, clothing and an external hard drive.  I know you know what an external hard drive is and you’re probably shocked that I want one, but here’s the deal…I also want you to go through all our computers and extract every single photo from them and put them on the hard drive.  Then organize the photos so that they make sense.  Like chronologically would be a good.  Please don’t do that weird thing where if it has a tree in the photo you put all the tree photos in one folder, unless they were all tree photos from November 2003, then okay.

I love you, happy should I say, happy following your wife’s very specific instructions.  Do not let the children help you.  Do not hop around to a bunch of other sites.  Clay?  Clay?  Clay, are you listening to me?  CLAY!!

This concludes our bathroom blogging for today.  Please wash your hands before exiting this site.

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