The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Chicken Doctor


The Architect


The Pig Farmer


Patting his pigs goodbye the gentle farmer is he.


Shroud in Carharts, Bass Pro with his wee tater head of a boy, squinting Cint Eastwoodishly into the blog forsaken lens of his wife’s camera.


Pushing the mammoth beasts to their final destination, the good farmer refuses to use anything but his own strength to persuade the swine to move….well, eventually he had his wife hop in and help too.


Patiently pushing pigs.


Placing his order with the hobbit-esque butcher.

The End.

Oh, ho, ho……

I know what you want.

You want that one last scene to drag out the movie.

You want one more page so the book won’t end.

You want one more bite of cookie to finish off that milk.

You want……




1. He had to hold this pose twice so I could get the shot.

2. He was worried one of the hobbit butchers would see him.

3. He’s still not sure that I should post this photo.

4. He wants you all to know that he’s very, very, very manly.

5. He’s questioning if he should take anymore dance classes with me.

6. He’s hoping you’ll be able to focus on the sole of his worn out shoe instead of his perfect hand placement

7. His words after reading this post through tears of laughter, “I’m done.”

I’m Done

Boots and Blue Jeans


These is mah boots, uh-huh, they is.

I bought them several years ago when I decided to embrace my country roots.  They started out as a fashion statement, but I was smart enough to go for comfort over style.  I really wanted some pointy boots, but they hurt my foot, so I went we these things and haven’t looked back.  I have no idea what brand they are.  I bought them at Vanderbilt’s in Wamego, Kansas.  Now I wear them for utility purposes like walking in the mud and crud that comes with raising farm animals.  And that’s the end of my boot story.

Or is it?


Yeah, that’s about all I have to say about those boots.

Let’s talk about the jeans.  They’re Gap Long & Lean, they are the only jeans I could find in any store that were long enough and didn’t have such a high waist that my ribs were resting on the belt loops.  That particular pair dates back to 2002…I’m not kidding.  Yes, I remember when I bought them, they were the first pair of jeans I bought after I had lost enough baby lard to fit into something besides sweat pants.  What’s the oldest piece of clothing you still wear out in public?  Just wondering, no exaggerating, cause we all know I never exaggerate on this here blog.

ps.  Clay was very touched by all the birthday wishes yesterday.

pps. I know I promised a picture of him, it’s still coming….I have to word it to his satisfaction before I can post it…that’s how bad it is.

The Pig Hauler is 40


Happy birthday sweetheart.  When we were driving back home from unloading the pigs yesterday you told me you couldn’t believe that we’re actually doing this farming thing.  You loaded those pigs on that trailer all by yourself while the kids and I slept.  We slept right through most of the NPR morning news program which you wake up to every morning, it’s a bit like listening to a soft rain patter on the roof.  I remember when you had to have the buzzer and the radio on full blast to wake you up and now you set it just above a whisper to NPR which actually helps me sleep deeper than I do all night.  You might want to rethink your strategy of waking the kids and I up with a quiet radio show, I don’t think it’s working or maybe you’re just being sweet….which is probably the case.

Have I told you I think you’re cuter now than when I met you?


Look Honey, I can hold up the trailer with one hand while you unload the pigs.  You’re welcome.

Have I told you I how much I like doing this farming thing with you?


These are your farming shoes and your running shoes.  I tried to get you to buy a new pair when we were in Kansas City and you refused to spend any more money on clothes.  It reminds me of the time when we were dating and  I threw away those Converse sneakers you had duct taped together and your sister got mad at me because I didn’t have the right to throw anything  away that belonged to you.

I’m going to throw away these shoes….right into the trash can.  You will either not notice or think you have lost your shoes or thank me.  And I’m going to buy you a proper pair of farming muck boots, which is one of the things you requested for your birthday the other thing being a new Bible.  I’m pretty sure this is the year you should have asked for a sports car, but rubber boots and a Bible are what you want….oooookay.


Remember when you didn’t drink coffee?  Now you grab my mug to take a swallow and always ask for coffee with your dessert.

I love that you continue to change and bring in new twists and turns into your habits it keeps me guessing.


I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow to post that one ridiculous photo of you that we laughed so hard about last night.  It’s the only time you’ve questioned whether I should post a dumb photo of you on this blog.  Since it’s your birthday I decided I’d let you off the hook, because deep down you know that photo needs to be posted….the people…they need to laugh….at you.

Happy big FOUR OH Claystor…I love you way more than you know.  You’re sneakers are in the trash can in case you’re looking for them.