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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Um? Who needs a hug?

Good grief, the past two weeks have been crazy.  I’m sure a lot of you are wishing you could stop time and yell, “Hey!  Let’s just slow down a bit!  Stop the crazy train and let me off!”

Time for a bullet point post.

On the Farm Front

  • We slaughtered two of our pigs.  Together they weighed over 500 pounds hanging (that means after they’ve cleaned out the innards).  That’s a lot of pork, man.  I think the place did a better job with the cured meats than the last butcher we used.  Yummy bacon and sausage.
  • Preacher killed one of our turkeys by playing with her too hard.  Dadgum it.
  • I love the turkey.  Not sure if I have the heart to make the one we have left our Thanksgiving feast.  She acts a bit like a dog.  Roosts on our back porch, waddles around and peeps incessantly.  No wonder Preacher likes to play with them.
  • We have too many chickens.  If you want some chickens please let me know, they are all laying now.
  • If you want some eggs…refer to above comment.
  • My garden sucked big donkey wads this summer.  Mostly because I didn’t spend much time out there and I let the chickens totally molest everything that was growing.
  • I’m a bad gardener.  Bad, bad, bad.  Oh well, next year.

On the Job Front

  • My real job is starting to rule my days.  I’ve got three big events to plan this year and make sure they are successful.
  • I like my job.  I work mostly from home and then I go to a lot of meetings.
  • Some of my meetings are in coffee shops and some are at the country club by the pool and some are in an office.  I like the poolside meetings the best.  Obviously, those won’t be happening now that school has started and the pool is closed.
  • I’m learning a lot about marketing.
  • I need an assistant.  Hahaha!  Don’t we all?

On the Debt Front

  • I really want to type GO TO HELL!  But, that wouldn’t be very nice or encouraging now would it?
  • We have been too relaxed this month.
  • By relaxed I mean we didn’t stay organized with our budget, we let big things sneak up on us and drain our emergency fund, we lost our diligence.
  • We are out of money and payday is not until next week.  I hate that feeling.
  • I whined  to Clay last night that all I really want to do is go SHOPPING!  And go on VACATION!
  • I won’t be going shopping.  Or on a vacation.  Debt sucks big donkey wads.
  • Does anyone know what a donkey wad is?  Me neither, but I say it a lot.  Sorry, I’m sure it’s not good.
  • My daughter is taking a personal finance class at school.  I’m friends with the teacher and she let the entire class know that I call Dave Ramsey, Damn Ramsey here on my blog.  Now the class keeps accidentally saying Damn Ramsey.  Gotta love that.  DAMN RAMSEY!!  Hi kids!  Be nice to your teacher and don’t do what I do or say what I say.
  • Time to take hold of the reigns again.  I’m going to order my coupons, use cash in my envelopes and say NO, NO, NO to everything.
  • Then I’m going to cry on my pillow for the bar stools and pot rack that will never be in my kitchen.
  • Clay says, “Yes, yes, you live such a tortured life.”  He has no sympathy for my lack of bar stools or pot rack
  • Guess what I’m going to get Clay for his birthday?  Hm?

Now, line up those that you love and give them a big hug and kiss from me…right down the line.  If you’re at work, then just shake hands, mkay?

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