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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Katie from College


This is my girlfriend Katie and her husband Mark.  Katie and I met our freshman year at KU.  She lived in the room across the hall.  There were nine of us that hung out constantly.  We had the corner rooms which were the largest, so everyone always hung out in our rooms.  Katie brought a huge photo album that was tied together with a big ribbon.  We sat on my couch and laughed over all the photos of us in those two rooms.  My daughter was looking at the photos with us and occasionally said, “Mom?  Is that you?”  because, um, in most of the photos I was doing something a bit goofy.  I know….hard to believe.


Katie is one of those friends that is really good about staying in touch.  She sends me a Mother’s Day card or a birthday card every year!  She also emails me photo updates of her kids.  I feel like I’ve seen Katie a lot over the years, but in fact I hadn’t seen her for almost 13 years!

After college Katie went to Northwestern in Chicago to get her Orthotic/Prosthetic degree and that’s where she met Mark.  Another good friend and I went to visit Katie while she was in school and we had the best time!  We went shopping on Michigan Avenue and went out with all her Orthotic/Prosthetic friends and danced and danced and danced.  That’s when I met Mark and knew he was the one for Katie.

Mark and Katie moved to California got married and had babies.


Look!  They had two babies at the same time!  This is Mini-Mark 1 and Mini-Mark 2.  Actually their names are Max and Pete and they were just about the cutest darn things I’d ever seen.


Except for Jack, who’s pretty dang cute too.  Jack looks a lot like Katie.  It was great to have the boys come meet my two little boys.  Everyone had a great time even though Levi decided to be difficult while getting his picture taken.  Levi?


Levi?  Could you be a bit more stubborn please?  Really?


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Mark is from New York and has always lived in the city.  This is what he said after looking around Coal Creek Farm, “I don’t think I could ever relax out in the country.  There’s so much work to do!  I’d always feel guilty that I wasn’t fixing something.”  Then I died laughing and decided not to tell him that bailing wire and duct tape is a farmer’s best friend and if you don’t have poop on your shoe, then you haven’t worn them yet.


After we took these photos…


Katie and I continue to yammer…


while Mark took photos of the boys.  Then he challenged his city boys to catch a chicken and if they did he’d give them five bucks.  What Mark didn’t know is that when the kids chase the hens our mean rooster gets a bit ticked.  Poor little Max found out the hard way that you don’t chase hens when the mean rooster can see you.  We sent Max back to California with a few rooster scratches on his cheek and a lifetime fear of chickens and Mark paid out 10 bucks to Max for surviving the attack.

I’m glad he wasn’t hurt any worse and next time I’ll lock up the rooster or serve him for lunch.

It was so good to see Katie again even though I sent her away with an injured child.

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