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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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I got me a job.

I haven’t written about our debt situation for quite a while.  So, let’s get you all up to speed.  It’s hard.  The end.

Just kiddin’.  No really, it’s hard and it may never, ever, ever end.  Excuse me while I collapse into a heap of snot filled tissues for a moment.

And I’m back.

Thank you for coming along on my daily “Bouncing Back” adventure ride, please watch your step as you exit the gate, it needs repaired and I’ll be dipping into my DAMN RAMSEY emergency fund to fix it!

I have to agree with that Damn Ramsey guy when he talks about having an emergency fund in place.  If you don’t, Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law)  is going to come knocking on the door and when you let him in he is going to leave a devastating path of destruction that will suck every dime out of your pocket.  We have had all the Murphy that we can stand this year.  We’ve had to rebuild our emergency fund which is $1000 four times.  FOUR TIMES!!!  It’s painful, but I am so glad we have that chunk set aside for stupid things like the truck needing repairs, the furnace dying, the well pump breathing its last breath, the van needing all new rotars and break pads and the truck having sympathy for the van and deciding it needed new rotars and break pads too, bless it’s heart.

$1000, by the way is not enough for us.  We are trying to bump it up to $1500 and then eventually to $2000, but we keep needing to use it, so who knows if that will ever happen.  DAMN RAMSEY!

For the last four or six or eight months, really who’s counting?  Anyway, the economy has not helped us one lick this last year and I’m sure there are many of you that have felt the sting a bit or a lot.  The company profit shares that we had been hoping to take a chunk out of our debt were not coming through and we found ourselves stuck in the mud not sinking, but not able to get anywhere.  Lots of dings to our emergency fund happened and we felt dehydrated and frustrated, but not completely hopeless.  Which when your getting out of debt feeling hopeless is not going to enable you to put on your fightin’ gloves.

Time for Mamma to get a job!

I feel the need to explain that deep down, I’m a working girl.  In August Clay and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage and I’ve only been unemployed for a little over two of those.  Being a mom is my first priority, so my jobs have always been something I could either do from home or work around Clay’s schedule so that one of us could be with the children.  I function at a much higher rate of insanity….I mean…sanity when I have something outside my home to keep me accountable for my time and energy.  Does that sound weird?  It’s okay, I’m weird, so it makes sense.

The “Mom” jobs that I’ve had in the past have strangely come to me by way of circumstance and mishap.  I got into church finance because I was talking to the gentleman that was doing the job at my church and he took that as me being interested.  Before I knew it he was training me to take over for him so he could retire.  When we moved to St. Louis the church financial secretary stepped down from the church we had been attending for less than a year and wah-la I had another church finance job.  I was able to do that work from home while I homeschooled and gave birth to two babies.  It was a bit crazy at times, but it was a great job.

I’ve done a bit of catering and I’m by no means a caterer.  I decided it would be fun to combine a wine tasting with some yummy appetizers for our school auction.  So, I asked a local winery if they would host the tasting and I would provide the food.  That led to the owner of the winery thinking I cook for a living and I’ve had two little jobs because of that.  I don’t think I’ll ever promote myself in the cooking arena, but it’s fun to do every now and then and I’ll keep offering the wine tastings as an auction item.

What is my new job?  Does it have to do with finances?  Yes.  Does it have to do with food?  No, not really.  But, it does have a lot to do with event planning.  And I love to plan events and parties.  Especially when the event is for a good cause.

I applied for the job of Development Director for my children’s small school.  I had thought about the postition when it was first announced and had hoped and prayed that the school would be able to find someone that had a heart for building up the school.  When nobody stepped forward I found out that the board had approached a woman that I had a brief working relationship with on another volunteer job earlier in the year.  I was so impressed with this woman, she’s pretty much the exact opposite of me.  Let’s just say she plays golf and runs marathons.  You see the difference right?  I really like her because she gets things done and she’s super sweet about it.  I had heard that she didn’t want to take on the job full-time.  That’s when a huge siren went off in my head and I picked up the phone and called her.  I asked her if she would want to apply for the job together and we could share the responsibilities.  I could focus on the big events that help raise funds for the school and she could do the marketing and together we would form one full time Development Director.  Now of course there is a lot more to the job than the events and marketing, but I don’t want to bore you.

So I have a new job!  I’m very excited about it.  I’m able to do the bulk of it from home where I’m still needed… clean the bathrooms.  And now we can get moving a bit on that debt thing.  I’m doing something I enjoy.  It will be stressful and demanding at times, but so are my kids and I still love them.  Kids are the best job I’ve ever had, so I can compare them a little bit.  Right?  Really, the best thing is that I’m working on something that benefits my children and other people and GETTING PAID FOR IT!

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