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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Faces and Places at Camp

232 - Copy

This is Jada, the world’s cutest little girl.

I’m using a new computer at camp this week and I pretty much stole my mom’s Sony Cybershot when she inadvertently handed it to me and said, “Wanna take some photos?”  Dur..uh, hello, Mom I’m a famous blogger, I have a camera, have you seen it?  It’s a vintage 2004 Kodak EasyShare, please don’t hate me because I am so very hip and stylish with my Kodak.  Geesh.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I’m using all this stuff that I have no experience using and it’s a miracle I can post at all.  Because, really, when it comes to technology I don’t care.233 - Copy

This is the art teacher’s daughter and she has been blessed with her mom’s talent.

Which brings me to what people must think of me being a blogger.  Like the wonderful art teacher, Kristin, that won’t let me help Levi with his art work.  She has seen me on my computer a couple times and obssesively snapping photos of the kids since I swiped Mom’s camera…um Mom you know you might not get that camera back cuz it might just hop in my suitcase and WHOOOPS I accidentally took it home. Today Kristin called me The Computer Lady. 261 - Copy

This is my nephew Jack, he has no talent, but he does have very big blue eyes and lots of freckles.

I’m pretty sure she thinks I know computers and cameras.  She doesn’t know I have a silly blog, but I did ask her if it was okay to post photos of her and her sweet daughter on my site.  And you know what?  I can’t figure out how to delete the photos off my Mom’s camera and now when I load them on my computer there are like 1300 photos on there.  Oh, man, what a mess.  I am no Computer Lady!


The kids got to Jackson Pollock their pieces.

My mom keeps telling people about my blog and you know what?  It’s a bit weird.  It’s like Mom is my very own traveling advertiser.  Some of these people have never heard of a blog and they don’t  know what to say, so I just ask them how many kids they have and then we’re good.

268 - Copy

I got in trouble for helping Levi cut and glue the pieces on his art work.  It’s the one in the top left corner with the thing that looks like a worm along the edge.

So, I’m at this camp.  I have seven kids I watch off and on all day long when I’m not helping in the kitchen.  I’m trying to use a new camera and a new computer.  I get Internet service, but no cell phone .  My 4yo has peed in his pants twice and crapped in them three times.  I’m thinking camp is a lot like being a Mom with fun art that  I don’t get to do.


This is the Fridge in my little house.  Look at it.  Love it.  I want it.

I do love working in the kitchen.  I think I would have made a wonderful lunch lady back in the day when everything was made right there in the kitchen and everybody could smell the cinnamon rolls baking and the chili simmering.  Oh, cinnamon roll/chili day was my favorite they will forever be cemented in my mind going together like a good cheese and a fine wine.


Gingham tablecloth adorning the salad bar.  Just because.

I’m having a good time and my kids are having a great time.  Levi’s having such a great time that he can’t remember that he’s potty trained and pretty soon he’s not going to remember what a happy mommy looks like.


Thank goodness I get to see Jada everyday.

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