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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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He doesn’t like cilantro. Noted.

Last night we did not grill any chicken.  Why?  Because we were just too damn tired.  Sorry, but to say we were really tired does not give the depth to how tired we were.  And we had just scrubbed the last bits of chicken feathers and goo off our bodies and to touch chicken one more time, well, we just didn’t have it in us.  So, I made a salad.

A really good salad.  It had beet greens, spinach, mint and cilantro all fresh from our garden.  I sliced strawberries and cucumbers and asparagus and then I boiled some eggs and sliced them up too.  Then I sprinkled the salad with salted bagel crisps and made a balsamic vinaigrette.

I thought it was great.  But, my other half, you know, the one I keep asking how much longer I’m going to have to endure him?  Yeah, that one.  He didn’t like the salad….at all.

Him- What is that bitter taste?

Me- What?

Him- That bitter…is it these beets?  I don’t like beets.

Me- The beets are not bitter.  I love beets.  I should have married beets.

Him- Did you put cilantro in this?  I think there is cilantro in here.  Uck…ack..I can’t get the taste off my tongue.

Me- Oh.  Yeah, I think there is a little cilantro in there.  Here, it looks like this.  Eat around it.

Him- The eggs aren’t really doing it for me.  I don’t like eggs with my salad.

Me- Hmm, I’m thinking there are things I don’t like with my salad either….like the company I have right now.

Him- Hon, you need to learn to take a little criticism about your cooking and…

Me- Oh, I can take it…..I can take it and shove it right up…..

Him- It’s just that the cilantro is so bitter.

Me- It’s not the only thing that is bitter.

Him-And I don’t want these eggs.

Me- Would you like me to do something with those eggs?  Cuz, I could take those eggs and….

Him- No, I’m good.  Do we have anything else to eat?

Me- How ’bout some chicken.


Me- Some nice big fat juicy chicken?

Him- Actually, I’m good, but this salad was not good.

Then I chased him in circles around the kitchen island until I caught him by the back of his shirt and was able to pinch him really hard while he was laughing and saying, “I love to make you mad, it’s so fun to see you get irritated!”

And that is how we finished our chicken slaughter day.

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