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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Coal Creek Farm’s 2009 Nursery Report


Should we talk about the kitty or the fact that my daughter has never had a manicure?  God love her, she doesn’t give a flying flipiddy-do-dah how her nails look.  Maybe someday or maybe not.  She’s not much on the upkeep that’s for sure.  Now, lets talk about this year’s kitties.


See the little runt on top of the pile, the one that has a monkey face and looks a bit like a rat?  I can’t figure out where he came from or who he belongs to.   I know he’s three or four days younger than the big heads.  Our three barn cats all huddle together in an old wooden drawer with a wool blanket and act like they all gave birth to these four kitties.  You can feel the motherly love in the air when you walk in the barn.

I’m going to tell you something very sad.  Are you ready?  That little runt up there?  It had a litter mate that I found dead on our front porch.  I was watering the flowers and spotted it just lying there.  At first I thought it was a dead mouse, but no, little lifeless newborn kitten.  I scooped it up with my garden gloves and buried the tiny thing behind the garden then I went to find the momma cat.  When I checked on the cats in the barn they were all huddled in their furry heap with the three big heads and that little tiny baby monkey face was with them.

There was life and death in the same moments on Coal Creek Farm that day.  It occurred to me that this really is a little farm with critters that come and go.  We care for these animals and we hope for the best, but there is always the possibility of losing them by means that are beyond our control.


I love seeing how excited my kids get about the new life in the barn.  When Ellen gets home from school she will drop her bags, stuff as much food in her mouth that she can easily find and then head out to the barn to steal a kitty.  She brings it inside to love on for a minute before taking it back to snuggle with it’s three mommas.

My children are the reason all our ‘wild’ barn cats are waaaaay too sweet.


I don’t know about you, but seeing a 13 year old boy get all oogey woogey with a wittle, tiny, baby, titter tat is pretty dang cute.  He can’t resist anything little.  Unless it’s a little brother, then he wants to squash it and hurl it across the room, but everything else that’s little and NOT related to him turns him into a big gooshy wooshy wuvy duvy guy.

How is Little Monkey Face doing you ask?   With three mommas he’s smothered with love and  getting chubbalicious.

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