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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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woman wearing clown costume weaves a chair seat

Yes, I fixed my dining room chairs. But, only two of them. Because my hands are withered and sore after doing these two, and I used enough fabric to circle the globe….twice. I swear.

This one turned out to look a lot like my college dorm room. I had a peach comforter and I used light green floral to accent everything. Gag. Some of the fabric is at least twenty years old and came from the now extinct TG&Y. All this chair is missing is a duck with a bow around its neck stenciled along the arm.

I did this one second and thought about the colors a bit more before starting. Unfortunately, I ended with that gingham print which ends up being the dominant pattern. I do like this one more, but lets just say this was an experiment.

All the knots that tie the fabric strips together are on the bottom. That was the hardest part, retying the fabric so the knots wouldn’t be on the top or sides.

I still need to tuck in a few on this chair, but my hands are too mangled at the moment.

Not a bad fix for a while. When and if and when and if and when I can spend some extra cash on the actual cane, I think I’ll re-do them. Or I’ll wait another 25 years until these fall apart and then I’ll sell them as vintage antiques. Har har.

Now, let’s talk about what I was wearing while doing this little project.


-it was snowing
-it was a Saturday
-I have a very meager and pathetic wardrobe
-I wanted to feel vintage, like the fabric I was using…


Brace yourself.

Yes, this is me. In capri pajama pants OVER, mind you I said, OVER a pair of long johns. Add some striped grey and pink wool socks and top it off with an ancient LA Gear sweat shirt that my elderly neighbor found in her house and thought one of my kids would like it. Please don’t tell her it’s one of my favorite things….she really thought my kids would like it.

Ellen helped me. The weaving is easy, the keeping the fabric tight is hard….on the hands.

I thought this chair would be a pretty blue and brown and white. I had gobs and gobs of fabric and thought I’d finish the chair with those colors.

Uh, nope. I had to break into the peaches and pinks and greens before I finally had enough fabric to finish the darn thing. That is why I have a lot less fabric stored in my fabric box.

You could do this with really cheap polyester sheets. I know this, because I also used some really cheap polyester sheets in the project. The longer the fabric the better so there are less knots to tie.

Can you see why my back is sore? I found the direction on how to weave the seat with fiber rush on line (that’s what was originally on the chairs) and I decided I could probably do it with fabric just as well. So I did.

The End

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