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Let’s figure out this coupon thing.

If you have been following the whole ‘April Learns How to Use a Coupon’ adventure, then you will appreciate that I’m actually putting forth some effort.

First I started buying coupons at The Coupon Clippers because for a nimrod like me it was so easy and the sight isn’t cluttered with a bunch of crap or cwap as my daughter would say. I’ve spent under $20 on coupons and to date I’ve saved over $80 on items that I would normally buy without a coupon. I’ve also noticed that I’m stocked with stuff that I usually have to buy every month. I have 5 bottles of Softscrub, 6 boxes of tampons, 4 bottles of lotion and on and on just because I was able to save a ton by using my coupons.

I’ve finally got in the swing of looking at the sale’s fliers for my local grocery store and yes, I look at them online and I figured out they come out every Tuesday…… I know, I’m a genius! I also learned that I can load coupons onto my grocery card. Yes, it’s true, so I loaded some coupons onto my card last night and when I buy that item the coupon will automatically ring up when the cashier swipes my card, plus I can use a manufacturer’s coupon along with it and save even more! I sound like a pro don’t I?!!!

I’m also in the process of figuring out CVS and Walgreens. I found a great sight that has tutorials for both stores and has links to great coupon places. Go here to learn all about it.

Okay, so let’s go back to the question; Are coupons worth it? I’m going to vote YES! The first time I used a bunch of coupons on items that I buy on a regular basis and watched my bill decrease by $40, well, that was all the proof I needed.

I have to admit I still have a lot to learn, but by golly it’s a bit of a rush to see just how much I can save.

Now if you need some inspiration to start saving I recommend these sights;

Retail Anarchy
– Written by our own Jean Martha’s/ Renovation Therapy/ I love Upstate’s fiance. Sam has a book and a documentary and a bunch of radio podcasts that focus on how to save money on groceries and basically figuring out how to declare retail anarchy. I also love that he put together a list that he calls Deal Sites.

Be A Blessing– Great tutorials for learning how to use CVS and Walgreens sales.

Savvy Savings Tucson– Written by cookbook author Stephanie Ashcraft. The girl has great deals listed on her sight and she’s a coupon queen.

I know there are tons of sights out there and many of you initially pointed me in the direction that has led me to where I am now, so thank you my dear cheap/frugal readers for helping me learn what a frickin‘ coupon is and how I can use it.

You can’t save the world, but you can save some money so get out there and try!

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