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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Frugal Froohaha

Sometimes when I need to recharge my frugal battery I’ll try to find someone out in Internet Land who has great advice.

Well, looky what I found. Now I can peruse through 50 different links and surely find someone that will motivate me to keep those dollars in my pocket.

What if I want to make some money online or from my blog? This nice lady posted how much she made from each source.

Remember when I asked you if you thought it was dumb to purchase coupons? Well, I decided to give it try. So I purchased $9.10 worth of coupons, meaning each coupon has a handling fee and I think the minimum purchase is $9. It took five days to get my coupons and I had several that were going to expire on Jan 31st. Quickly, I made my plan and went to our local grocery store that doubles up to $1 on manufactures’ coupons. Note that I only purchased coupons on products that I use like Cascade and Jet Dry and Suave (which I didn’t think could possibly get any cheaper, but I ended up paying $.49 a bottle, chaching).

I did notice that some of the products were more expensive at the grocery store than Wallyworld, but after I used the coupons I did save a bit.

I was forced to purchased more of the products than I would normally due to the ‘save $1 when you purchase two’ blah blah blee blee bloo bloo and now, hello, I have 6 boxes of tampons in my bathroom. Stocking up is not something I like to do, but I’ll do it for the sake of saving.

I used ten coupons and saved $22.80. I have a bunch more to use, so I’m sure I’ll end up saving over $50.

I think buying coupons is worth it for me right now since I’m a beginner at this whole coupon thing. I promise I’ll keep trying to do better.

Now, go be frugal and free yourself of debt and destruction and dementors and deli meat and doilies and doo-dads and dorks.

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