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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Quit yer doin’!

I’ve been working on a couple of posts, but I can’t seem to finish them, which means I should just give up and write about whatever. And of course make a list.

1. Thank you all for the advice, tips and directions with coupons. I’m overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that I’ve decided my best way to save money is to stay home and not spend any money whatsoever. I do have some coupons from Target that I keep moving from one spot to another in my kitchen wondering if I’ll use them. I don’t like to go into Target, it’s too tempting for me to look at other things.

2. I went to the Family Promise Network training on Saturday. The director of the program is an amazing young woman. I learned that most of the guests in the program have never been homeless, we should never, ever, ever use the word homeless when referring to the guests in the program and the BIG, BIG thing we were taught was to treat all the people in the program with dignity. I’m looking forward to helping when my church is host again, or maybe I won’t have to help because there will be no need. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

3. I cleaned out my mudroom today. It’s really just a closet, but it did have a lot of mud in it and cat pee and animal food and one broken dvd player.

4. I’ve decided I have that seasonal disorder thing. When it gets too cold and cloudy, I shut down, can’t move, don’t want to do anything, find everything boring and can’t organize my life. I wonder if I could get one of those lights and strap it to my face? Or my butt?

5. I was washing dishes and talking to Clay yesterday and after multiple attempts to make me stop talking, Levi said, “Mom! Quit yer doin‘!” I think I’ll start saying that to people when I want them to stop. Quit yer doin‘!

6. I spoke to the pig farmer yesterday and he has new baby pigs!! So, Coal Creek will have little piglets soon and very soon.

7. Remember when I used to do pottery? sniff sniff…..sigh. Someday, I’ll get back to it.

8. Remember when I had a nanny, a cook, a housekeeper and a tutor for my children? Yeah, me neither.

9. What do you all do to get yourself motivated in the winter?

10. This post is exhausting, I need to go lie down and ignore myself.

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