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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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I Done Did 2008

This is the list I wrote last year in December 2007, let’s see if I was successful.

1. Finished dining room walls. Cause I’m sorta over looking at the termite eaten wall.
*Yeah! I got this done!
2. A longing to exercise so severe that I run right out the door and don’t stop until I’m completely de-muffin topped.
Next question. Please stop looking at my butt.
3. For a little boy named Caden to be healed from cancer.
*Still praying for this little guy, he had a few good months and is struggling right now. I know his family would appreciate any prayers on his behalf.
4. A garden lush with tomatoes.
*Yeah! I did well on the tomatoes, please don’t ask me about the potatoes.

5. A cow to put in my freezer.
*Do two pigs count?

6. Chickens, a coop, fresh eggs.
*Check, done, over and out.

7. Turkeys to be named Harry and Martha.
How about if I got turkeys and named them Herb and Edna? Then maybe, I’d get this one done.

8. Fruit trees heavy laden. Therefore causing me to beg my mom and sister to come help make a gazillion jars of preserves.
*I definitely got the heavy laden part, but I didn’t have to beg Mom or Rechelle to come help, which means I don’t have to share as much. DING!
9. Oh, I’m afraid to write this….here goes, to refurbish my childhood furniture that looks like it was salvaged from the dump. I’ve been meaning to repaint it for um, well, uh, 14 years. What are the chances of me actually getting it done?
Dear God. This is where I should be begging for help. Will I ever get this done?

10. To read more.
*Erm, yeah, okay, I guess I read more this year.

11. Get back into pottery. My fingers ache to play with Clay….I mean clay. I really miss the wheel and the creative outlet.
*Yup, yup, had a nice 8 week class early last year and hoping I’ll get the chance to get back in the studio again this year.
12. For my parents to get their house sold so they can move closer to me and start carting my children around to games and activities while I become the next greatest potter.
Silly economy. Silly small town with no people to buy big houses.
13. Aaaand now for the cheese whiz. I hope for my children to remain healthy and happy. I can only hope for my husband to stay just the way he is, purrrfect (Honeeee, are you reading this? I didn’t mention the camera cord…..that you lost.) And I hope for many, many more happy days here in Kansas.
*Amen and I found the camera cord in a box in our basement that Clay stuffed a bunch of electronic equipment in when he was cleaning the office……I found the cord in July.

Happy New Year!

I sure do love all of you that have stopped by and left me comments. You make me laugh and feel very important, especially those of you that call me “The Country Doctor’s Wife’s Sister”(please go give this sweet girl a hard time for me), I feel so very proud and not at all like the gigantic-freaky-white-headed-dumb-little sister of Rechelle. No, no, no, I’m just kiddin’ or am I?

A year in review at Coal Creek Farm comin’ up. Stay tuned and go tell all your friends and neighbors to come read right here at The Country Doctor’s Wife’s Sister’s Blog.

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