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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Dinga Long Dave Ringa Long Ramsey

Here’s my envelope system, which I am still getting used to. My problem is if I run out of money in one category I borrow from another and that’s a big NO NO. It also means we have to continue to tweak our budget. We’ve been working on a monthly budget for about ten months and it is constantly changing. I don’t know if we will ever get it perfect.

How’s the debt snowballing going for April? Uhhhhhhhhhh, it sucks the big donkey wads man.

Dave’s wisdom is to first get current with any of your debtors, then start piling up cash in an emergency fund. He recommends for a family to set aside $1000 because that amount should cover just about any unexpected expense.

We’ve decided after having three car repairs and a furnace blow out in a span of two months that $1000 is not enough for our family. However, we were still able to get through all that muck before and during Christmas without using a credit card. DING!

As we recover from the loss of the emergency fund we are also dealing with this awful economy. Many of our hopes of getting things paid off quickly with funds that we had hoped would be coming in right now are being pushed back until……well, that’s a good question.

I have to say as much as it sucks not to have any fun right now, I’m so very grateful that we got ourselves on this plan over ten months ago. Getting the news that bonuses wouldn’t be what we thought and salary increases will be pushed back several months was not pleasant, but it also wasn’t crushing.

Onward and upward we go, pushing through this economic turmoil. We’re taking advantage of the lower interest rates and I’m hoping that someone will come hold my hand and teach me how to use coupons, I just don’t get it for several reasons.

1. I’m not a name brand person, so collecting coupons for products I never use seems weird.
2. I don’t subscribe to the paper, so buying a paper just to cut coupons seems wasteful.
3. I hate to print stuff out from my computer, it means docking it and pressing buttons and that’s really hard. Did you say that in a high pitched whine?
4. I don’t like to go to multiple stores to get all my stuff, which is why Wally World and I are still having our little weekly fling.
5. I don’t get sales fliers, I just don’t get them. I never have.

See? I would need some serious hand holding to make the coupon thing happen. Can I just stick to Aldi and Wally to get those beautiful low low prices?


I could get me a cow and then I would never have to go to the store again, because can’t you make just about anything from milk?

No, you say? Oh ye of little cow faith.

Changing the subject because I used suck in my post. My daughter and her friends will not say the words crap or suck, because they are BAD words. I think it’s very sweet. Instead they say cwap but they do not say swuck or wuck or whatever it is they would say, thank goodness.

When I’m having a conversation with Ellen I try to say suck and crap as often as possible just for shock value. The whole time she’s yelling MOM! YOU MEAN CWAP, CWAP! Then I say something about how I think she is going to need some serious speech thawapy and how bad that is going to SUCK!

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