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Thanks for the memories.

My Thanksgiving was pretty nice. If blowing my nose eight billion times is a nice thing.

I regret that I never had the appropriate medicine. I took Dayquil thirty minutes before I went to bed. I stared out the window long enough that I began hallucinating. Then…then the coyotes started howling. Yes. Coyotes. So that was a fun night. When I went to Rechelle’s house all she had was night time cold medicine. I found myself trying not to fall asleep in my mashed potatoes. Shouldn’t a doctor’s house have a built in pharmacy? You would think.

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t taste as good when your nose is all dupped up.

And that concludes my health update. Moving on.

Remember that time I told you about how I had a cold and took Dayquil right before bed? Remember that? Well, during those hours of darkness I had a lot of time to think. I started to wonder about my future.

What will happen when my kids bring home their spouses for the first holiday get together? How long will it take for us to ‘break them in’? Who’s gonna say something really stupid? Who’s gonna make that person question their decision to marry my kid? Who’s gonna start spoutin’ politics? What if they don’t know what a corn stove is? What if they don’t like……laughing? And most importantly, who’s gonna fart first?

It ain’t gonna be pretty.

And I think it will be me. I will be the crazy-farting-corn stove-politicking-laughing woman that makes my children’s spouses beg to celebrate the holiday’s in Hawaii or Japan or anywhere that is far enough away from the crazy lady that farts, belches, cooks with corn heat and is digging an underground shelter so the entire family can come live with me and all my canned food when everything goes to pot.

Yes, I think it will be me.

Tonight I’m going to sleep with good memories of my crazy family and I’m looking forward to the future. Yes, I am.

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