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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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What is THAT!

Okay, let’s do some housekeeping, shall we?

1. Jean, I don’t know how much the pigs are going to cost, yet. I’ll have a better idea once they are weighed in at the butcher. But, I didn’t do a very good job of keeping track of my feed cost. I know, bad farmer, bad, bad, bad farmer. My guess is they will end up costing more than the average supermarket pork because I fed them clean grain. Meaning I chose a more expensive route to get my hogs to gain weight.  We chose feed with no antibiotics or hormones and it was not the cheapest solution, but I feel better about it.

2. I saw a little something on the hutch scarf when I was working in the office the other day.

Is that a…
Good Lord.
Because I have boys.  You know what?  I left it there.

3. Dave Ramsey is ruining my life.  Or at least my family’s wardrobe.  This summer I spent approximately $28 for both of my little’s clothes and shoes.  When I was in Goodland this summer I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch of t-shirts for fifty-cents a piece and that is the only clothing purchase I made for them.  They both had jeans with holes in the knees so I cut them off for shorts and the rest of their clothes came from our own stock of hand-me-downs.  They’ve been wearing those gawd-awful crock-a-crap shoes from WalPhart and that’s it.  I’m glad summer is coming to a close because they’re looking a bit ragged.  It’s difficult to find a shirt without a stain or hole in it and they are outgrowing their shorts.
4.  School starts tomorrow.  Whimper.  That means I have to force myself into the school room every ding dang day.  This is the first year that I am NOT excited to get back into school.  I just don’t wanna. No.  My two older kids will be going to school full-time which leaves me to teach the 1st grader.  Whaaaa.  I know, it should be fun.  Why am I dreading it so much?  Maybe it’s because I still have to keep up with all the stuff going on at school and sports and church and I’ll have to take on more of the yard work and animal care without Seth and Ellen here to help (or boss around).  And I swear if one more person calls to ask me to teach or host or bring goodies or sign up for anything I’ll start to cry.  Yes, wail in their ear.  I’ll scream, “WHYEEEEEE?  WHYEEEEE do I make my life so difficult with all these stinkin‘ kids?  I never get a break!  It’s all about them and never me!  This whole mothering gig is a sham!  And a scam!  Please.  Don’t make me bake cookies.  Or teach another class full of little wiggly toddlers.  Or come up with ideas for field trips!  Because the only field trip I want to go on is to CRAZY TOWN where they will lock me up in a quiet sterile room!  A quiet.  Sterile.  Room.  By myself.  Quiet.  Clean.  Alone.  Yes, that would be heaven.”  And I swear, even me having a melt down like this would cause the desperate nursery worker to say,
 “Well, maybe you could take a moment and prayerfully consider if you should volunteer just one Sunday a month.  It’s just one Sunday, one blessed Sunday.  For a few hours.  Just pray about it and I’ll call back in a couple days.  And I’ll pray for you.  Seriously pray for you and your poor family that they will be able to cope with you.  But, really whatever you decide will be fine.  And determine your eternal fate.  But, we don’t want to pressure you.  Really, whatever you say is fine….just fine.”

5.  I have to go clean my house.  And get school stuff ready.  And volunteer a few hundred more times.  Goodbye summer.  Goodbye happiness…..forever.  Whimper.
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