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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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True Love Always

Crunchy, it’s very important to keep my readers wondering about my sanity.  If I post pictures that have nothing to do with my post then I consider that a successful day.   These photos may or may not be of my two oldest kids’ first day of school.  They may or may not have been very happy to be away from their parents.  Clay and I were definitely thrilled to get them off to school. 

Jean!!!  TLA-true love always!!!  Were you ever in junior high?  In love in junior high?  Clay says he only knows what TLF means, but that’s because he was never truly in love in junior high, and I was always in love.  So, he doesn’t know anything about TLA…..except when it comes to Daisy our pig.  

Are you getting sick of hearing about HFCS yet? 
You all that guessed BREAD were correct.  It was low in the ingredient list, but there it was.  Dag gum!  Last week I made five loaves of bread and my family inhaled it the second they saw me pull it out of the oven.  Clay wants me to start making all of our bread and I told him, “Okay, but we need to pace ourselves a little better.”  Because, hello, this is not a BAKERY!
Now, let’s talk yogurt.  My family loves the organic Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt.  But, hark!  The stuff costs over three bucks and again my family sucks that stuff down like in one sitting.   So I started buying plain yogurt from Aldi and adding honey or brown sugar or our fruit preserves and my family loves it.  And that little trick saves me two bucks!  Chaching.
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