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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Crap on a Stick

I finally fixed my old laptop. Actually, I just went to a cute little computer fixing store that was filled with very cute-geeky-computer dudes and said, “Um, this is my computer and I think I need a new cord thingy.” Then the cute-geeky-computer dude said a lot of words that I didn’t understand, I paid him money and left. All I know is three days later they called me to come pick up the cord and now my computer works again.

And that is a problem.

Because, during the three months while this computer was collecting dust on my desk, I used Clay’s slick Mac book and fell desperately in love with it. And I also stored all my photos on his computer.

So, when I sat down to post today I realized I don’t have photos on my CRAP ON A STICK laptop. And how am I supposed to blog without photos?!!!

Ooooh, I know. A story. I’ll tell an old story.

Once upon a time there was a young husband named Clay that had some sort of medical problem that his wife can’t recall because it’s been too long and her brain became mushy with each baby she pushed into the world.

The wife does remember that Clay came home from the doctor with a little plastic cup that he was supposed to fill with a sample of his poop and take it to a lab to be, to be, I don’t know, smelled? Analyzed? Who knows. But he needed a sample.

Clay and his wife stared at the cup and wondered what was the best and cleanest solution to get poop into that small cup.

The wife, thanking GOD, this was not her problem and not wanting to participate in the final decision plaintively asked, “So, how are YOU going to do this?”

And that is when her husband coined this ever loving family memory;

“Well, I was thinking I would go get a stick….”

And that, my friends is why we call so many things is our lives CRAP ON A STICK.

‘That house looks like CRAPONASTICK.’
‘This tastes like CRAPONASTICK.’

My computer is CRAPONASTICK!!

the end.

This post brought to you by citizens that talk about bodily fluids and functions-April Showers Treasurer

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